Verizon / Pinnacle Credit / ripoff, wrong bill

United States

I purchased Verizon service in August 2003 for a night time/weekend unlimited contract. In October 2003, I received their bill of $2000, including all the night time minutes charges. I then got in touch with their customer service department and complained about the bill, they replied that they would check and let me know.

Half a year later, I heard nothing back from them. So in Jan 2004, I called up again. This time, I got the same answer. I contacted them in May 2004, Dec 2004, May 2005 and Dec 2005 continuously. I sent them a registered letter May 2005 too.

In 2009, they sent my case to Pinnacle Credit Services. I called up Pinnacle and asked them to check the bill. I never heard back from them either. Then I called Verizon again, but Verizon refused to deal with my case this time, saying it was not in their hand any more.

So they report me to creditors bureau and have severely effected my credit.

It's very terrible of Verizon to have changed a wrong bill, never intended to correct it and then refused to deal with it.


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