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10/11/2016, I attended the Perry National Fair in Perry Georgia. There were several Verizon kiosh set up at different locations. As I was walking by one, a salesperson by the name of Gabriela Larosa asked me if Iwas interested in a tablet for $1.00? I said, no thank you. She said what if I can lower your Verizon bill? Of course I said yes. I am retired and live on a fixed income and if I can save any money, I will. This young lady told me that I was eligible for the tablet plus she could get my Verizon bill lowered by $7.00 a month. 3 of my girlfriends were with me and are witness to our conversation. Gabriela also told me that the activation fee would also be wavered. I was elated. A $1.00 tablet and a lower Verizon bill. My lucky day or so I thought.
My October bill was $94.35. My November bill is $148.83. I have tried to get someone to explain this to me and no one can.
My first attempt was Friday, November 18th or 19th. I called customer service. No help.
On the same day I went to the Verizon store in Byron Ga where I do business. The represenitive there (Keosha Postell) made the comment that she wished she could have told all the people who got the $1.00 tablet to not do it. She also told me that I had to travel to Zebulon Rd in Macon Ga because that particular group was from that store.
The folks at Verizon on Zebulon Rd in Macon were dumbfounded also. Connected me with customer service AGAIN and spoke to a lady name Maquanta. "Q" for short. AGAIN she could not explain, so she put me on a 24hour call back from someone who could help me. No one has called back. I do not want this tablet. The ONLY reason I took the tablet was for the $7.00 decrease in my bill. I have been taken advantage of and I need someone to help .
I tried to contact gabriela.[protected] [protected]. No return response.

Nov 29, 2016
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      Dec 30, 2016

    yup same problem i went with verizon because way cheaper than comcast but not my bill is higher thaqn the 158.44 i had which only once i paid that reduced bill removing services and equipment every month after that bill was $3 to $4 higher for no reason ... now i have to pay $175.73 almost $20 more urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh yess i live in big city Phila the fees here are criminal 1/4 of bill is FEES FEES FEES

    TIP you can bury verizon legqally by filing compliant with the FTC and fair debt credit protection act for over charging you evry penny

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