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Verizon / shady sales

1 Lakeland, FL, United States

We went to renew our contract and get two new phones for signing the new contract. Instead we were charged 89.99 for each phone and told we were eliglible for 100.00 rebate. We went home to charge our phones (67 miles round trip) only to discover my husbands phone did not charge. We called the store and were told to drive back there. Under protest we drove back and got a very rude woman named Jennifer who told us to wait 15 minutes and she would determine if we would get a new phone to replace the non working one. After 35 minutes she gave my husband a new phone but not the box. I said we need proof of the exchange. She said we do not give you anything but the phone. (Later the corp office told me that they do not give any proof of exchange so you do not lose your rebate) I told them I am not leaving the store until I get some form of proof of the exchange. Someone acting as manger gave me a piece of paper but I am not sure what kind of proof it is. I talked to three different Verizon employees who told me this was a trick to charge us for an additional phone. There is no trail of the exchange, no proof you gave the phone back so they may charge you again. I sent a complaint to the CEO's office to make them aware of us getting a bad phone right after signing a renewal contract, that we were excellent customers for over 10 years with perfect credit and did not deserve to be treated like this. I did get an apology from that office but nothing but the runaound from this store location. In my opinion you need to really use caution at this store location. Why after all of this I called back to the store about what I was told at the CEO's office that my ticket also showed I purchased a travel charger I told them I did not and it better not be on my credit card. I went round and round and demanded to speak to a supervisor. A soft spoken lady came on and after about 20 minutes told me another customer's purchase was on my ticket but not on my credit card. I have not gotten through to my card company as of this writing so I do not know if I was charged. But at any rate how careless beecause the customer has no receipt or has a receipt with our card info. Anyway I would not recommend any one to go to this store location unless they change their staff.

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