Verizon Fios / verizon fios triple play not working

United States

Years ago, I had Verizon Fios Triple Play. Things would stop working for no reason, and every time I called, they could never find my account in their system without a 15min run around. I could never get them to fix why my number wouldn’t pull up my account (had to search by address or ssn, which had a 50/50 chance of pulling up my account), and after awhile I got sick of dealing with them and went to comcast (an equally bad service, who could at least find my account when I called every month when it stopped working).

Well, I should have known better when I got Verizon’s offer this past June for Triple Play at an amazingly low price. Like a big dummy, in July I called them to set it up. It’s now October, and they still haven’t been able to come out for the install.

They set my first appointment up for 3 weeks in the future (early Aug install). That week they went on strike, and never showed up.

They finally got back to me after the strike and set up a late Aug-early Sept install date. They never showed up for that, due I guess to all the work they had from the hurricane of the week before.

They again called in Sept and made a date for the last week in Sept. No one showed up again, with no known reason.

I’ve spent hours on the phone with them, and all I get is the run around. They want to make ANOTHER appointment for 2 weeks from now, but they possibly can’t get my phone number to transfer from my current phone company (my current phone company has no idea what they are talking about). They won’t even let me speak to a manager, or give me the email or phone number to HQ or a complaint dept.

So here I sit. It will take at least 3 months to get service turned on from when I first called them. Unless they want to give me a hugh incentive for putting up with all this nonsense, I may as well stick with Comcast. At least Comcast can find my account when I call because their service is out again. (It was out again just 6am this morning).

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