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Verizon Fios / the cheating practices of verizon, specifically of verizon fios

1 Ridgewood, NJ, United States Review updated:

My name is Wascar Guerrero; Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450. I want to sue the cheating practices of Verizon, specifically of Verizon Fios.

An agent from your company called my home number [protected], Mr. Armando Llerona [protected]) based in Newark, offering me 200 dollars of spending Money at Circuit City, TV, Phone and Internet Services for the value of 115.95 for one year including movie channels, the Hispanic packet and Sports. I accepted the offer but before we closed the deal I had him repeat to me again what he was offering me and I even told him I expected the company to do what he was offering me.

Two months alter this I hadn’t received the certificates to shop at Circuit City and the Bills for all the services were being billed separate; TV and Internet in one bill and Home Phone in another; and the sum of all of those services was over 200 dollars. For this reason I decided to contact Verizon so that they can investigate what was happening. I got the chance to speak to Mr. Armando Llerona again that said his apologies and referred me to another department so that they could resolve my problem.

After talking to the other department they said “You don’t qualify for that offer of the 200 dollars”, and also they said I hadn’t made a contract of the three services together so that I can get the discounts and that the quantity of channels that I had according to the plan they couldn’t leave them for 115.95 plus taxes. They also said that the speed of the Internet that they had authorized was valued for a lot more than what Mr. Armando Llerona had offered me. Finally they denied what they had told me two months before and they spoke to me in an arrogant and disrespectful way. After all, the agent that spoke to me made, on his own and without my concern, another contract for 209.75 and sent the charge to my credit card. Mr. Armando Llerona never answered my phone calls and everyone just forgot about the case. I ended up cancelling the services from Verizon Fios and went back to my old company Cable Vision who welcomed me back with discounts and offered me to pay the fee of breaking Verizon’s contract.

I am doing this because I have noticed I am not the only person here in New Jersey that this has happened to and it is necessary that the community knows about it and hopefully no one else is abused by this two faced company.

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      16th of Aug, 2009
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    FIOS is a total joke. Obviously the company grew too fast and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. I subscribed to FIOS December of '08. FIOS had contractors come out and install the equipment. These contractors were ###s who obviously didn't know what they were doing. They completely tore up my yard and my sprinkler system. It took the company about 4 months to finally come out and fix it - way after my yard was dead and only after I filed a better business bureau complaint.

    1st they didn't bother to tell me that they were going to tear up my yard by digging a 3x3 feet. All I knew was that they were coming in the garage to install the equipment. They had two separate crews, one installing the cabling in the yard and one for the garage. The crew installing the cabling, whom also dug up my yard and ruined my sprinkler system didn't even bother to tell me when they were going to be out. Nor did they tell me what happened with the sprinkler system. All they did was leave a cone in the yard, marking the spot.

    I only found out about the incident when the 2nd crew came and wanted access to the garage - this crew also didn't bother calling beforehand and was late. I told them of the incident in the yard and they said a crew will come out to fix it ASAP, adding in that the company will also be planting sod. I also made a call out to the company to report the incident.

    A week went by and nothing. I made a call again and they said that it would be fixed shortly. We had a bad storm in December and I gave them that for an excuse. Then as it cleared up, still nothing. Days passed to weeks and weeks past on to month and on and on I waited. Several angry calls later still not one showed up to fix my yard. I had misplaced my original paperwork moving to a different room within the house and tried to call their customer service number. Each time I was told they couldn't find my account and was given the wrong number each time from the rep on the phone before I was able to talk to someone, whom I reported the problem to.

    In the end I got sick and tired of their games and reported the incident to the Better Business Bureau and a couple weeks later got a call from the company. She promised that someone would come in a couple days and get that taken care of. About a month went by and several disgruntled calls from me later - the yard was finally fixed. Til this day, I still don't know if they job was done right - since I asked FIOS to let me inspect the work before covered it up to see if there are any leaks or not. They didn't bother calling me to tell me when they were coming out and didn't bother to tell me they were done so I could inspect the work.

    What's sad is that FIOS denied this whole incident from happening. You see, I refused to pay for the internet service bill until they came out to fix the yard, especially after weeks went by. The company rep had the nerve to tell me I never reported the incident because their records didn't show me ever calling in. My service was shut down for non-payment and now they want to charge me the $175 early termination fee and the fee for the equipment. Are they kidding me? I asked the rep handling this that if a contract painter came out and did a hideous job painting her house, would she pay the contractor ... she didn't bother to answer and still insisted it was my fault for not reporting the incident and my fault the service got disconnected and that I owe the company the $175 early termination fee and the fee for the equipment. She thought that it was also funny to leave me a voice-mail after doing some research on her end that my service was on all this time.

    After they fixed my yard, I told them that I'd be wiling to pay for the time I had my service on and wasn't even asking for any credit to my account for the whole ordeal I went through. No one from Verizon FIOS offered me an apology for what they did, nor took ownership for any wrong doing. The company didn't want to reinstate my service nor did they want to waive the $175 termination fee. I guess, this incident never happened and I guess I don't have their expensive equipment in my garage still that they never put in, LOL. Not wasting anymore gas or time with this scam of a company.

    Totally unbelievable. I've never had such crappy service in my life. I will never do business with FIOS or Frontier again, nor Verizon since the bill came in as such and even those reps I talked to had no clue of what they were doing and how to direct me to the right person to talk to when I called the customer service number on my Verizon FIOS bill.

    Verizon FIOS is a total fraud and scam. The service is terrible. I hope none of you ever experience anything like this. Keep your yard and house safe from unnecessary damage and steer away from Verizon FIOS. Instead go with Clear. I've had this since then and I totally love it.

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