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Verizon Fios / sold a package that does not exist... or does it?

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I signed up for Verizon FIOS last April. I did so over the phone with an actual Verizon rep. Because I am already paying them for cell service I decided not to get a home phone and instead asked for just internet and cable tv. The rep said that he could bundle this for 69.99 plus the cost of cable boxes and taxes with a grand total of 80.08 a month with a one year contract. My first bill came 1.5 months later and was for around 180 dollars. Even with the prorated half month this still seemed high so I called the support line. After navigating the horribly designed automated phone service was put in touch with a billing rep who politely apologized and credited me with the package discount. The next month by bill was 105. I called again and after about a half hour was politely given the discount again. This time I had the rep confirm that the error was fixed in their billing system. Next month the bill was 105. Now I started getting upset. I was being charged the unbundled rate for cable and internet on my paper statement every month. This time I called in and demanded to speak with a supervisor. Whoever it was assured me that this time it was fixed and my next bill would be corrected...
Next month 105 again. This continued until September with no resolution until I finally got the truth... or so I thought. This time the billing rep told me that the problem was that I had been sold a package that they do not support. Apparently the double-play is supposed to be phone and either internet or cable. Because they had sold this they were going to honor this until the contract was done at the contracted price but they would have to set it up to automatically credit me after billing me each month. Finally this made sense and I fully anticipated the next bill. Guess what... 105. This time the rep told me that there was no way for them to credit me automatically every month and that I would have to call in to get my 25 dollar discount every month until the contract was over. (this is a fortune 500 company right?) Ok sure whatever, 1 phone call, 30 minutes of my time a month to save me 25 bucks. I can do that. No less than 3 hours later a co-worker of mine who also has FIOS TV and internet (no phone) was on the line with FIOS support on a billing issue. While on the phone a rep noticed that he was paying full price for cable and internet and that he was not taking advantage of the double-play package... What? I told him to ask the rep if she understood that he did not have the home phone service. She did and was willing to give him a 20 dollar discount on his normal monthly bill. I am now waiting for him to get his next paper statement to confirm that they did indeed give this to him and I will be calling back in to complain.

Don't get me wrong I love this service. The TV and internet are the best in the business. Ok the could roll out HD channels quicker, but otherwise I am happy. I am just really surprised that a company like this can be this disorganized on a product that everyone knows is costing them a fortune to roll out. If things don't change I will be looking elsewhere come next April.

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      28th of Mar, 2008
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    >>I am just really surprised that a company like this
    >>can be this disorganized on a product that everyone
    >>knows is costing them a fortune to roll out.

    Boy, you said a mouthful!

    I said virtually the same thing just an hour ago! How can a behemoth like Verizon be run like some newborn startup??

    After fighting with them for 2-3 weeks over their deceptive advertising practices -- (I challenge you to find ONE ad for FiOS that mentions HDTV and does NOT fail to mention that it is not standard with their "premiere" package) -- I finally got an HD set-top box in the mail yesterday.

    I set it up, as per the instructions, and then called in to activate it. Problems, though. Turns out the serial # wasn't coming up. There was just no record of the box I had in my hands. And when the number finally did come up, they told me I'd have to wait 24 hours because since I was supposed to have received the box on Apr. 3, and NOT Mar. 27, the computer wouldn't let them unlock it because the arrival was before the scheduled "install" date.

    So they tell me there are no boxes available. Fine. But then they find one earlier than expected, ship it, and it arrives early (pleasant surprise). Okay. And even though an actual human begin HAD to have sent that box to me, because the computer says NO, their hands are tied, and I have to sit around and wait for them to untangle would should be a flip-of-the-switch task?

    That's some pretty epic failure, Verizon.

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