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Verizon Fios / signal dropping constantly

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Just had FIOS TV and internet installed yesterday, and the internet signal quality has been unstable from the start. Blips every few minutes causing my wireless cared to have to re-connect. It's dropped out 18 times in the last 90 minutes, including a 3 minutes 20 second outage.

Perhaps Verizon should confirm its capacity in Arlington and Falls Church, VA, before selling more service? The TV picture quality is spectacular, though!

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  • Ol
      30th of Jun, 2007
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    I have the same problem, keeps dropping connection. I have to reboot the router. I am in constant touch with the VZ support with very little help. They were talking of replacing the ONT box outside the house.

    Surprising to know you were having the same problem. I guess this problem started for me on June 25th 2007. TV works fine. On Demand is DOWN.

  • Te
      12th of Jul, 2007
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    I am having the same problem. The wireless laptop will stay online for approximately 4 minutes before I lose the signal entirely. Everything drops. I disable/enable wireless connection to get another 4 minutes. This is insanely annoying. The router has a LAN wire connection to the other PC. It drops as well. Not as often though.

    I'm told by a techie relative of mine that this has to do with FIOS having a limited number of channels to work with. Too many neighbors on one channel and the signal gets muddled and/or interrupted. It seems there is some method of changing that channel that neither Verizon nor I am aware of.

    I have to invite Verizon out to my house all over again to fix this mess. (inconvenience!!) I've given up surfing in the interim. It's just too frustrating.

    Also, I got a 2yr, $99/mo contract but my last bill was $195. I know there are phone taxes but come on... that's a bit much.


  • Ma
      3rd of Jul, 2011
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    Not only is my internet dropping... But follow this..

    I have 2 wireless laptops and 4 PC's + the XBox...
    All PC's drop internet but my son is still playing XBox Live!!

    Then to make matters worse... I cannot ping my printers or other computers.
    Purchase gigabit switch and hang it off of their router... Doesn't matter. I still get dropped and still cannot ping anything internal. Sometimes for 1 minute - sometimes for 10.

    Their in-home agent usually gets the network back up but doesn't phone home to report. How dumb is that...

    I had Comcast for 18 Years! NEVER did I have these problems. For me - It was a savings of $50 month due to a partnership with the company I work for!!


    Technician coming Tuesday. Now That's how I want to spend my vacation!!

  • Ny
      8th of Jun, 2014
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    I had verison DSL for a few years. After awhile every time it rained I would lose the internet. It was caused by outside wiring. Fixed it. A year or so later same problem. Tech spent 2 hours here and suggested I order FIOS since Verizon wont repair copper wiring soon. I would be at their mercy if I held on to copper wiring. He called the office and set me up with FIOS. I was told my phone and internet would be on the same FIOS. Bill would include both. I was told with FIOS I would not have any more problems like I was having. Fine I said. 2 Techs came and spent over 6 hours. 1 outside doing the wiring..1 inside doing the drilling of holes in walls and putting a monster of a control box in my living room, where it is very noticeable. Not to mention wires in abundance showing. Eyesore. What a mess I had to clean up from the hole making, the wiring being attached along wood work and around closet door to the drilled hole from one room to another. I was totally not happy with the results. Ok... 6 hours later the 2 techs leave with a parting remark I will have no problems from now on. No sooner that they left I tried to get onto the internet and nothing. I ran outside managing to find 1 tech still in his truck. He came back in and said I had to go to the connection and hit Auto connect. Fine... He left and 5 minutes later I was booted from the internet. That was 3 days ago and every 5-10 minutes I am booted. I tried everything to stay connected. i called support and they said it was my phone wiring causing the problem and would cost me $95+ to correct it. DUH...If I have a phone wiring problem now how come I didn't have it with DSL? They said I had issues with DSL because of my calls when it it must be my phone wiring. Willing to send a tech out for $95+ if I wanted . My question...which they wont answer, is how come they didn't change my phone to FIOS too after they said they were going to. With the mess I went thru they could have built a FIOS station in my Now I am stuck with FIOS that doesn't work and high blood pressure caused by the run around to boot.

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