Verizon Idearc Superpagessuperpages contract scam!


I was told by my salesman too that the contract was month by month and that if I was unhappy with my ad that I could call in and cancel it. I contacted many levels above this rep. and was stone-walled at every turn. These people are crooks. The fact is that Verizon doesn't even own Super Pages, Idearec does. I don't know what to do. They fall back on their click through statistics. Their argument goes something like this; "your ad is working because we see that you have x-amount of clicks or hits on your ad." Hits mean nothing if they don't turn into business or calls. I have had websites before and hits mean little.


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    Tony Shingletoes Apr 26, 2007

    I am recent former employee of Idearc and you are correct it is a big corporate scam. The only way to cancel your account is by having it approved by the sales rep. But no sales rep will approve this because they have to payback the commission. So what they do is just ignore your calls, and the supervisors in sales are just very successful sales agents so they lose money to if they approve the cancel. But it runs much deeper than this, they lie to the employees and customers at every step of the way. The goal there is to sell and not support. When you call customer service they are required to try to sell you something first resolve the problem second. I couldn't get on board with the lies so i was pushed out. CORPORATE CROOKS

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    frank Dec 03, 2007

    I would like to know what is Verizon doing about this or if they care at all as well.Are they only in it for the money like idearc is. They do nothing but cheat and lie just to screw you over. I never agreed to anything with idearc but I get a bill every month. And the funny thing is I don't even know what it is for. There is no explanation at all on the bill for what I am being charged for. Well from this day forward I will not have anything to do with idearc but with Verizon as well.

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    Dan Frost Jan 10, 2008

    Last year they started charging me for advertising without any contract at all. When I questioned them on it, they realized they didn't have a contract and stopped charging me. This year they called my wife who also helps run the business, but does not handle the advertising. My wife said she would agree to the same thing we had in the previous year (which was nothing), but she didn't know it was nothing. They duped her into a $128 per month contract. She wouldn't have opted for this if she knew the facts.

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    Jane Luke Jan 26, 2008

    I too have just been "scammed" by Idearc in that they claim that I signed on for another year. I did not. I would not have done this. They also sent me over to Greenberg, Grand, and Richards for collection.

    I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau of Metropolitan Dallas, 1601 Elm Street, Suite 3838
    Dallas, TX 75201, Verizon, and the Federal Trade Commission.

    Are there any other consumer or business advocacy services available?

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    Sensei Kurt Jan 28, 2008

    I was "scammed" by Idearc in that they claim that ok'ed a 126.00 a month deal in August. The recording will vindicate me im sure because there is no way I would have ok'ed such non-sense . I did not. I would not have done this.

    I plan on filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau , Verizon, and the Federal Trade Commission.

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    Italo Pinciroli Feb 02, 2008

    Well...Search engines goal is really to drive traffic to y0ur site not to make the sale for you. If you place an Ad on Google or Yahoo it is the same thing. If people don't like your website or business it is not really the search engine's fault.

    Now for the others some of you mentioned a contract some of you didn't. Did the contract say 12 months? If it did there is really nothing you can do because...well you signed it! If the contract does NOT say 12 months then you shouldn't have any problems disputing it or even involve the LAW on this.

    I am not here to protect Idearc but most of the posting I see on here are probably from people that signed a contract without reading it. No matter WHAT Sales Reps say! ALWAYS read contracts before signing it.

    We are all adults here ....shouldn't we know better??

    Italo Pinciroli

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    Suzie Zing Feb 28, 2008

    I finally got them to stop OVER charging me by contacting the BBB!

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    etg Jun 10, 2008

    I as well have never signed a contract, contacted them multiple times to discontinue a service i never requested nor know what the service is for to no avail. I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau, Verizon, Federal Trade Commission and the debt collector.

    We are all adults here - I wish the people at idearc were too.

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  • Jo
    John Sauer Jul 25, 2008

    Now i'm starting to see the full picture. Just based on the few comments that I have read I wish that I would have read them earlier. Idearc sold me on a serch engine package but failed terribly at getting it set up and completly ignored my input and repeated requests. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and also posted a blog of the event timeline and its open for public comment. Go to the URL below to read just how unprofessionsl these people can be.

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  • Ju
    Ju Han Oct 19, 2008

    In the month of Feburary 2008 I closed down one of my businesses. I had already contacted with all the other companies in order to close my company down without any penalty charges. However I’ve been trying to contact Superpages for 7 months now. They continue to keep charging my company (which does not exist anymore) between 200 to 400 dollars a month. Through e-mail here’s what they sent me:

    “Are you noticing more business or phone calls lately? That’s because your advertising is active and working. As a result, we need to inform you that your credit card has been charged $386.46 for click activity on A small price to pay for the life of your business.”

    Apparently the only way to cut off this deal is with a single people which I havent been able to contact for 7 months. I’ve been continually calling them and all they kept doing was tossing my calls around between several different people. It’s frustrating that there are no ways to contact this company to end my billing. Theres no cancellation contract, no way to change programs, and no customer services. Even then, their services were not as beneficial as the money pays for. If I were you, I would shiek in terror by the very notion of using Is there any way to stop them?

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  • Kt
    K T Dec 01, 2008

    I am currently waiting on the phone to try to cancel my account. I keep getting the same runaround from the receptionist, and never able to get a sales rep. Also the sales rep gave me a dead # for callback, and the receptionist gave me the same dead # (800-491-9701), supposedly the # for sales. Of course customer support is not able to cancel my listing. Then they gave me another bogus # (800-461-6771) which is a receptionist # for a "different dept". I confirmed my de-listing in Oct 08, now Dec 08, and the sales rep called to say "I wanted to see if you wanted to make changes to your account". Of course they did not de-list me, they just waited until the deadline nears, and avoid me to maintain the existing contract for yellowpages in 2009.
    I will contact the Attorney General's Office after reading that this is how they do business to continue to scam customers.

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  • Gr
    G R Munro Dec 31, 2008

    Crooks is right. Superpages wouldn't know what ethical meant, if they fell over it. I had to cancel my credit card to get them to stop charging it.

    As soon as they started escalating charges on my card, they said they "would send me proof that there had been clicks". The clerks who answer the phone said I could not see the clicks. I could not talk to the salesman. The supervisor was not available. Then they sent me to billing, who sent me back to "customer service" (as if they know what that means!).

    When I finally managed to close the account by canceling my credit card, the story changed. "Oh you were able to see the clicks when you were active"!! Of course these people can never reveal their last name. They can never escalate the call to a supervisor.

    I think the way to start is with the top: Call Scott Klein, CEO; Frank Gatto, Executive Vice President of Operations
    Samuel D. Jones, acting CFO, SVP of investor relations; Michael D. Pawlowski, SVP/CMO
    Their revenue $3, 600 million USD (2004) # of Employees 7, 100 (2008) Website

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  • Bi
    Big Al Jan 16, 2009

    Hopefully my nightmare is just about over!
    They pulled a " bait and switch" on me in October 08. "Click" charges were never mentioned in the verbal agreement between myself and my "sales rep". It was all about "enquiry fees". They said that "when someone contacts me i would be charged a $1 fee.
    The first months Visa bill arrived with $189 in click fees! I didn't receive even one phone call!
    This is when things turn ugly!
    I attempted to phone my acc manager, no answer, so i left 3 voice mails. 1 week goes by without a reply. I sent 3 emails, no reply.
    I then sent a 4th stating that i was canceling my credit card. Surprise, surprise i get an email saying someone will phone. 2 weeks later still no phone call. So i contacted BBB. Another surprise! i get a phone call from Superpages diputes department. I asked, why has it taken so long for them to contact me? Her answer was that "her department is very busy" . I said " i bet you are" LMAO. They have a department working full time on complaints from the BBB! The lady on the phone went to great lengths explaining to me that "click" and "contact or enquiry" means the same thing ! Also that they will not esitate take court action!
    The bottom line is : SUPERPAGES IS A SCAM. Spread the word

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  • Ke
    kevin lomax Feb 07, 2009

    i tottaly dis agree with you ppl because am working there and i know how thus works u can't cancel a contract if u passed the first 14 days after the third party signing up process which is teh verfication system they are not frods when they give any buisnes no. of searches its the exact no we have on our tracking system that we provided to each of you so it's not idearc's problem it's tottaly your problem and by the way we don't take credit card ino so the one who says we do or someone tooke his credit card info is a liar or was scammed by other site such as not and it's not verizon's now it was verizon but now it's idearc media the oicial publisher's of the verizon yellow pages book but let me ask you all this did you get customers out of there or not sure u did and they covered the ad's money that u r paying so stop it and ppl whoi comes from other compatitor companies just to say some bad stuff abput idearc superpages so they can make ppl leave it and have a chance to advertise in thier sites pplease guys there's somthing called honesty you have to learn and stop that

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  • Ke
    kevin mak lomax Feb 07, 2009

    big al i wanted to tell you a tip never take paper click if u are covering ur home county take tier 2 coverag not paperclick cuz with all ma respect it's made only for major co.and 189$ a months is not money and you can't judje a program from the first months as all biz owners know so take tier three its the the best or tier two u gonna pay 150$ per month and u will have ur tracking system to see how this works for you and if u want to grab more attention to ur ad enhance it with yellow highlight and red color that will be 150+22+27=199$ a month and u will be having the best ad u can have for ur biz and when someone wants to cancel he must do it before the 14days is over starts when he is on the third party sound verficatuion sys. before the 14 days is over you can cancel it but after that you can't you may pause the paper calick but u will pay money so y having paper click go on with the other tiers take this tip from an honest man whose working in sales in idearc superpages

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  • Di
    Diedre Feb 11, 2009

    Well, add my landscaping company to the list of people screwed by Superpages. I was told by salesperson Viginia Gallagher that I would be charged $1 per click when people visited my site, was charged an average of $3.21 per click. There's a lovely $47 administrative charge per month, which of course was not mentioned by this salesperson either. I searched all of the keywords that would pull up my company's name over a period of about a month and it NEVER came up. Still, they claim that in the snow and rain of Seattle, 66 people in a period of the first week of February visited my site. In the meantime, many landscaping companies are going out of business and no one is receiving calls for work. This is the last year of Seattle's Flower and Garden Show because no one has the money for booths or exhibits. I can't imagine why with all of these people looking for landscapers on Superpages! Wonder why not one person referred by Superpages has called in the last 2 months when over 100 have visited my site. Hmmmmm... $350 per month with no return. Now that's a crappy advertising product. Someone needs to take Idearc and Verizon down. Everyone needs to fight these people. Pressure your credit card company or bank to fight the charges. They are not authorized if you did not agree to the terms!

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  • Ch
    chris crane Feb 13, 2009

    And ad yet another. I am a concrete contractor. I've read all the above posts and they basically cover many of the same problems I am having. I cancelled my credit card to stop the charges. Monthly pay per click charges averaged $70 through most of the year...and then, impossibly, my January bill was $380. I've been in business for 30 years. No one in Philly is looking for a concrete sidewalk in January. There are a lot of things wrong here. I too am gonna call the better business bureau.

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  • Fp
    fp french chocolat Feb 22, 2009

    i agree with all this company is scanner . There a lot of things wrong with this company.

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  • Sc
    scottcx Mar 13, 2009

    maybe your business just sucks! its so easy to call someone a crook, rather than figuring out why customers are NOT choosing you... just a thought, whiney ###!

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  • Bm
    BMac Apr 24, 2009

    This flakely Company started sending me bills and ran their own ad on one of my phone numbers. When i inquired they told me i had to pay and when i requested to see my signed contract that i never approved of it, they could not produce one but turned it over to a collection agency who hounded my business. i sent them a certified letter to quit calling my company and i persisted to see a signed contract. They then said they had a verbal approval from a phone conversation from a employee to do the ad and did not need a signed contract. All my business for past 20 years is on signed contracts, not some trickery company getting a employee name and cooking some taped approval up. Beware of these low life losers who have nothing to do but try and screw someone over!! i will never pay these idiots!!

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  • Pd
    pdoff Apr 28, 2009

    I was also told my listing on would be month to month and I would be able to cancel anytime. Well I want to cancel. I have had a whole 17 clicks in the past 4 months and 200+ impressions. I have more clicks than that with a crappy google ad and that certainly wouldn't cost $105 / month.

    When I called Idearc to cancel, they said I signed up for a 12 month contract when I agreed to the phone verification system. I looked at my copy of the contract they sent me two weeks after I signed up and no where does it say I am obligated to pay them for any amount of time. Supposedly they are getting the recording of the verification I made over the phone so the sales rep and I can listen to it together. Let me say, I do not recall it saying anything about a 12 month contract, because I certainly wouldn't have agreed to it if I heard that. But who knows, the rep kept interrupting while I was listening to the third party agreement. What is to say he didn't do that on purpose so I didn't hear that part. Even so it is not on my written copy of the contract and I will not pay for the rest of the year. I will be getting a lawyer though. And as for these "employees" that are sticking up for their crooked company, their posts just show what sort of people you would be dealing with if you advertise with them.

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  • Ma
    ma_mark May 22, 2009

    Lots of reading to get through all of this and I am glad/sad I am not alone. I just got off the phone with Idearc and you can add me to the list of irate customers. I agreed to a 3 month Superpages promotion on the phone and they re-upped me automatically for a monthly rate I never agreed to. They say it was in the terms and conditions they snail mailed after the phone call and claim that it is binding. Made them pull the recording and there is nothing about auto renewal in the conversation. Will fight this as much as I can not because of the $$ but they are taking advantage of small businesses and tradespeople. Letters going to BBB, MA Attorney Generals Office, local newspaper, Boston Globe, MA State Rep and Senator, Fed Rep and Senator and a CC to the CEO on every letter that gets mailed. May cost me more in postage than what I "owe" but it's worth it.

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  • Ve
    Verizon Scam Jul 09, 2009

    Here is documentation I took to record my experience with Verizon. The main thing to note is that Lisa, who works for Verizon collections, used profanity while harrassing me. This is illegal, a fact that I found out much later. Though what can a small guy do? Verizon Sucks.

    Target of Complaint:
    P.O. BOX 619009
    DWF AIRPORT, TX 75261

    Type of Complaint:
    Select the type of complaint you wish to file.
    3. Details of Complaint: Tell us about your complaint,
    4. Personal Information: Tell us about yourself,
    5. Submission to the BBB: Submit the complaint to the bureau.

    Ad was placed in Verizon phone book without my consent.

    A Verizon representative, Zak Hobbs, called to inquire whether I would be interested in buying an Ad in Verizon Yellow Pages Phone Book. I agreed to listen to his offer. He mentions he could produce a proof for the ad for me to consider. He said that the ad would not go in the phone book without my approval, but in order to get the ball rolling, he needed a third party confirmation. Again, he said this was just to get designing the proof started but that it would not be printed without my permission. He said I would receive proof and then I could give the yes or no answer. I never received proof.

    A friend and business owner, R. Blackburn, recommended that I should call back and ensure they did not put my ad in the phone book. He mentioned he had similar problems with a sales rep from a phone book. I called Zak Hobbs (972-719-3649) who ensured it would not be put in.

    Received call from solicitors who said my ad was in the yellow pages. Called Zak Hobbs 3rd week in October after finding out ad was in yellow pages. Zak gave me the number of his manager Charles Boreno (972-719-3630). Called Charles and left message for him to call me back

    4th week October, Left another message on Charles voice mail

    5th week October, called Verizon billing, 1800-445-9050 x4575. Talked to Connie who said I would need to talk to Charles. She said she e-mailed Nov 2nd him a message to call me.

    1st week November 5th called Charles and left voice mail.

    2nd week November 11th, called Verizon billing, 1800-445-9050 x4575. Talked to Connie. Requested her to send another e-mail since Charles had not contact me yet.
    Called 2nd week in November (11/18/04). Called 1-866-451-9905 talked to Lisa W. at collections. Told me that District Sales Manager was sent an e-mail. Offered me Zak’s rep supervisor. Told her I already had it, I had called him but no answer. Also explained how I was deceived regarding the ad. Mention the info in ad was wrong. She said I could talk to customer service for an adjustment.

    12/06/04 Called and talk to customer service. Informed them that the information in the ad was incorrect, and a brief history of my problem with their sales representative. She said that they will look over ad and give me a call back.
    Received VM from Vergil from Verizon. Called him back at 1-800-445-9050 ext 4590. He listened to my complaint and mentioned if I choose to use Verizon, I would deal with Zak again. I informed him I had decided a few months ago not to use Verizon.

    12/22/04, Called Verizon billing at 1-800-445-9050. no answer 4575. Talked to Connie.

    12/28/04. Called Charles Boreno (972-719-3630). Was out of office. Called Melinda at 800-336-3407, extension 3964 – left message on voice mail regarding questions to my account

    12/29/04 Kathy Bond called me back (Melinda gave her my info). I mention the info in the ad was mostly incorrect and would like to see if I could have the billing cancelled. She said I should talk to customer service to about the incorrect listing. Informed her customer service told me to get into contact with George Boreno.
    Called Verizon billing at 1-800-445-9050. Susie Watkins answered the phone. I informed her information was incorrect in the ad. She mentioned a ticket had already been opened. Transferred me to Virgil (1-800-445-9050 ext 4590) who had closed my ticket. Was cut off. Tried calling again a few times but was not able to get through.
    Lisa, from Verizon Collection Departmen, treated me with contempt and threatened to take me to court. Without provocation, she said to me “### you”.

    Submitted complaint to BBB online
    2/17/05 Received call from Jan (Verizon customer service: 972-518-2700 or 800-445-9050 ext 4559) inquiring about complaint sent to BBB. I explained the basis for complaint.

    Abbreviated version for the BBB:

    Ad was placed in Verizon phone book without my consent.

    A Verizon representative, Zak Hobbs, called to inquire whether I would be interested in buying an Ad in Verizon Yellow Pages Phone Book. I agreed to listen to his offer. He mention he could produce an ad proof for me to consider at no cost and that the ad would not go in the phone book without my approval, but in order to get the ball rolling to design the ad proof, he needed a third party confirmation. He understood that much of the info in the ad would change such as price structure, phone#, etc. Again, he said this was just to get designing the proof started but that it would not be printed without my permission. He said I would receive proof and then I could give the yes or no answer. Never received proof.

    A good friend and business owner, Richard Blackburn, recommended that I should call back and ensure they did not put my ad in the phone book anyway. He mention he had similar problems with a sales rep from a phone book co. I called Zak Hobbs who ensured it would not be put in.

    3rd week in Oct: Received call from solicitors who said my ad was in the Verizon yellow pages. Called Zak Hobbs who gave me the number of his manager, Charles Boreno. Called Charles and left message for him to call me back. No call back

    4th week in Oct - Left another message on Charles voice mail. No call back.

    5th week in Oct - Called Verizon billing. Talked to Connie who said I would need to talk to Charles. She said she e-mail him a message to call me on Nov 2nd. No call back.

    The message I left on Charles Boreno's phone were tactful and friendly. This phone calling went on until Jan 2005, when I finally recieved a call from the Verizon Collection Department. The Rep, Lisa, treated me with contempt and threatened to take me to court. She told me to “### you”. I was astonished by such animosity.

    I have a more detailed account of what happened. My financial credit is strong. This is the first instance in my life I had to write to an agency such as the BBB.


    Fours years after all of this, Verizon Sucks tried to collect money. I consulted with my lawyer who said since 4 years had passed they could not legally collect. What was owed did not matter; it was a small amount. What did matter was the principle. How could one pay for something he did not authorize. Verizon is an unethical company that abuses people, bullying them out of their money. Sad. Sad. Verizon Sucks!

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  • Pa
    Paul Archer Aug 23, 2009

    I completely agree and have a similar experience with this company. First of all my sales rep was so ill prepared that he did not even know the terms of the Pay-per-Click advertising that he was selling to me. He had to call his boss several times in the middle of his presentation to get the answers to my questions. He told me that the if I want to CANCEL or change my online advertising with Idearc, I have to call their Icare hotline and they will take care of it. He never mentioned that they make clients sign a year long contract. He just pushed the papers in front of me with no mentioning of inability to cancel the online advertising program. Anytime I asked a question, he said just call Icare and they will take care of it. So a year and a half and some $2500 later in click fees and absolutely no customer leads, not even one, I called to cancel. Icare told me that the only person able to cancel this is the sales rep not them! So I called his office and I was told that he is on vacation for a month! After waiting for him for a month to come back, he said that he can not help me with this and I have to talk to his boss. After numerous messages on his boss's answering machine and a month later, She called me back and said there is no way to cancel. I should have read the contract when I signed it. It is a contract and I have to keep paying a $40 monthly fee for a year whether I want to run an ad or not. I told her that her sales person was so disorganized and in such a rush to get to his next victim that he rushed me through the paperwork without giving me a chance to read them overnight and sign later. He just said sign them now and call Icare later. She then tells me that I an saying does not sound like her team and I am basically lying to try to get out of the commitment. I never knew there was a commitment.

    Basically their sales tactic is to confuse you with numbers, details, and what your competition is doing to make you sign the fine printed contract in a hurry. The sales rep was absolutely clueless himself. He just pointed out to the colorful charts and graphs, kept calling his boss for answers and never mentioned that there is no way to back down from their Pay-per-Click advertising scam. Other reputable online advertisers like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, and even the lesser known ones don't lock their customers to arbitrary contracts. It is not like they are selling a tangible asset like a cell phone.

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  • Ti
    Tim Anderson3232 Sep 08, 2009

    That is exactly what you people get for trusting a company like Idearc. Online marketing does work and I have been very happy since I left Idearc. I just went with a company with great follow up and focus to customers happiness. Email me at [email protected]

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 02, 2010

    I am sorry that you are not happy with superpages. I was on the web and found a website that you can have a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to My friend Mike setup a ebillboard and he is happy with his ebillboard.

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  • It
    Itsnotmyfault Feb 15, 2010

    Wow I would bet the farm most of these complaints are buyers remorse. For those of u that have had real issues with ur sale rep or follow up I would say don't give up there are good people that work for Idearc/Super Media. I'm a user of there products and I have been with Idearc/Super media for over five years all. In 80percent of the customers it's the same buyers remorse or it wasn't expained, u are grwn adults that run businesses and just because u have buyers remorse does not mean the sales rep lied or mislead u! Come on they didn't twist ur arm to verbaly agree for the advertising. U peeople are the ones that want them to come out of pocket and do the work for u and as soon as u do not make thousands of dollars for spending a hundred bucks or so u want to cancel. Come on u have to spend money to make money I mean is this news to anyone u run a business. I would also ask who tracks how someone found there business? Don't lie u know u do not ask everytime and honestly a few might but the majority do not. How professional are u in dealing with a customer? In my experience it's not enough they got someone to contact a customer of Idearc/Supermedia it's our fault they didn't want to hire u. People u need to take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself can I close a lead, do I always answer my phone, is my voice mail professional, how good am I at what I do? Nah it's the companys fault so I'll just lie and do everything I can to get that sales rep in trouble if I don't get what I want. You call us crooks, They can pull recoded calls and I would bet for most of u the sales reps explian everything to the program to the 12 month contract and yet people have the nerve to continue to lie to get what they want. For those of u who had ppc who them ur credit card you gave it to them so what are u ### about now they are charging u, read ur terms and conditios people it's all there. Let me ask when ur contract I's up on ur cell phones does ur provider call u and say hey ur contract is up he'll no, it's the same with ur insurance and so many more things in ur life but r
    they send letters that u prob just throw away and they are the ### of the earth. I'm sure there are real issues I had one and it was resolved not in the time frame I liked but I'm a selfish ### there are good people that work there. Just because u have a bad date with a girl or guy that does not mean u give up dating, and u damn sure don't creat blogs and websites about how bad ur experience was I'm just tired of reading the same thing over and over. Hell I could make something up like my sales rep told mr I was going to make 1 million dollars and I'll I need was a bold listing in the book Sure enogh some dumbass would comment me to I'm going to the bbb on them Pay more attention to ur business people and less on the blame game and ur bottom line will go up

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  • Re
    Revenuem Apr 28, 2010

    I am a disgruntled Idearc member... whatever, how can you be a client of a company that doesn't work. Its simple... they caught me by stating that they will give me 4 to 5 months to start getting clients from their ad campaign that they designed for me. This would take time, they said, because it takes a couple months to officially be placed on Google and other search engines. Then they said they wouldn't bill me until I got clients coming in which would be the 5th month and if I don't receive any clients that my service would be cancelled and I don't have to pay a thing . Well its the 5th month and I have received not ONE you hear me NOT ONE client from dealing with these lying freaks. Yet they have the audacity to have sent my info to a collection agency already. I would have to be way late on a monthly payment plan to get to collections already. I have not received ONE bill that states I owe anything, so how can I owe anything. Not ONE CLIENT, NOT ONE BILL. These people are mental, but won't drive me crazy. They can kiss my a**.

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  • Ja
    Jammy789 Jun 08, 2010

    I have had a very poor business experience with "Supermedia". I don't want to have to pay you to listen to all of the many errors that they have made. I am still trying to get them to reimburse me for $700 of over-charges. This has been going on for months. Please post this review to as many review sites as possible:

    I decided to take a much closer look at our marketing efforts. One of these efforts included the decision to try "" I was given plenty of promises and even decided to have them produce a short video for our www/ ad. I never post reviews but this one might help others from making the same mistake. My main contact rep was Eden Pond. This was nothing but a game to him. The culture at Supermedia (the entity that handles is callous. Mr. Pond and Supermedia stole $700 from me. Looks like I have to file a claim or something. I have since cancelled my account and I will spend those ad budget dollars at Google or Dex. I have spent 200 hours dealing with Superpages. Trust me - run. You don't want to waste money and time here. And how many "clicks" to our website in the last 6 months? About 10. And it isn't that they called us instead. didn't even list our phone number!

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  • Ny
    NYMinute Jun 08, 2010

    There is no way you can complain if they have your conversation on tape agreeing to the ad. If you don't agree, don't say yes or sign anything!!! They don't have anything less then a 12 mo. agreement. They never had a trial! I used to work there up until last year. It always frustrated me when customers deny they were "TOLD" anything. The thing is, the above poster is right. Many times, the customers don't answer the phone, don't return calls, don't ask the callers where they found him, don't properly follow up with their internet campaign and keep an eye on it, and don't want to pay when they screw up!!
    A sales rep can't babysit you for Christ's sake! Grow up and be a business owner, one that is saavy and knows his [censor]. Obviously you don't get it...and that's why you're unsuccessful.

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  • Ka
    Katana Jul 09, 2010

    WE ALL READ THE S___T! I WAS JUST TRYING TO PAY THE BILL AND THE BI_____ES AT COUSTOMER REPVILLE DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH BRAINS TO FOLLOW THRU WITH ANY KIND OF ASSISTANCE WHAT-SO-EVER. All I got while "trying to pay the bill" was a bunch of condescending, defensive crap. You suck!

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  • Ka
    Katana Jul 09, 2010


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  • Ka
    Katana Jul 09, 2010


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  • Ka
    Katana Jul 09, 2010


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  • Ka
    Katana Jul 09, 2010


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  • Un
    Unhappy in TX Oct 26, 2010

    I had a similar issue, and would never use them or recommend them to anyone again. I actually worked for them a short time, and they had a class action lawsuit against them for illegal compensation programs that basically forced reps to oversell their clients just to make quota. Terrible culture of dishonesty there IMHO.

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  • Ka
    Katana Nov 13, 2010

    see comment from them. JUST ANOTHER CANNED RESPONSE. SUCK IT!

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  • Ka
    Katana Nov 13, 2010

    We are never pleased when IDEARC is unhappy. Blah! Blah! Blah! You bunch of tards.

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  • Id
    Idearc Nov 17, 2010

    **** 2nd request
    We are never pleased when one of our clients is unhappy. Please give me the opportunity to review your issue.
    I promise someone will get back to you within 48 hours with an update. Please provide me with the following
    information and email back to me at: [email protected]

    Your Full Name and Title:

    Business Name:

    Business Telephone Number:

    State in which your Business resides:

    Your Contact Number:

    Best time to call you:

    E-mail address:

    Brief Complaint Description:

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  • Ka
    Katana Jan 08, 2011

    **** 3rd response
    We are never pleased when we use IDEARC. Please blow it out your issue.
    I promise someone will not get back with U ever. U R crazy if you think I will provide U with any personal information for you to further harass me with.
    Horrible employees.

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