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Verizon Fios / poor service and failure to follow up with complaint made on more than on occasion!

1 NY, NY 10011210 West 18th Street, NY, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 631 549 1662

Our system which includes TV, DVR, Phone and Modem has not been functioning to an acceptable capacity for over a month. We have spent a lot of time on the phone trying to trouble shoot, have been disconnected from the person, line on numerous occasions. We still do not have a technician out and servicing us. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE.

WE ALSO FORMALLY REQUESTED A REBATE FOR THE PAST MONTH OF THIS UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE. I am again calling them this evening 1/10/08, so far I was disconnected once and on hold for the past 20 minutes listening to Christmas music.

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      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    To anyone thinking about fios:
    I have had Verizon fios for two years now with several problems. The first problem was with the router. I had to manually update the IP renew address every two days. This was a problem because I travel a lot and my wife does not know a lot about computers.

    Before fios switched to the Norton security system Verizon had a Computer Associates based product with Yahoo that caused errors every time I booted up my computer; I had to boot up twice to recover. I tried to explain the error code to several of the techs but they didn’t know that Computer Associates was involved, Yahoo didn’t either. I lived with this problem until Verizon switched systems.

    The next thing that happed was a lighten bolt over the top of my house. The Verizon installer ran a cat 5 cable from the fios box around the outside of my house, about 50 feet. The cable absorbed the electricity from the bolt and shorted out the Verizon router, an Xbox 360, Vonage router, an all in one jet printer and the Ethernet on my desk top. Verizon replaced the router but nothing else; it was quite expensive for me. The new wireless router was not compatible with windows Vista my note book will not connect. This was starting to aggravate me.

    The final slap in the face; my credit card expired. Only the expiration date changed. 3 months after the expiration of the credit card; Verizon turns off the service with out any notice of any kind. In doing so my computer would not boot up any more. The Verizon package I had had software they took off my computer. I had to reformat the hard drive and lost every thing. I spent 3 hours talking to 4 different people the tech support was the only one who was of any help (excellent tech). The 3 others were supervisors all of them told me different things. One said I was in a promotion and should have been switched after the first year, which is not what I was told in the beginning. I was told the price would not change as long as I had the service.

    The second supervisor told me they e-mailed me of the credit card problem, which was also not true.
    The third one Deidre (I finally asked for a name) told me they did not have an e-mail address for me. Also not true Verizon set one up when I signed up with fios. Verizon had me over a barrel, I was leaving town and could not leave my family without a phone or access to the internet for school and video chat with me at night. We signed up for another year at a much higher price, lower speed, with out any Norton security system or Verizon e-mail.

    I would like to know what happen. I excused everything up in till now as a new technology, growing pains for Verizon. Is this going to be Verizon’s outlook from now on? My latest issue with Verizon reminds me of Comcast. I have not had cable for 16 years because of their service; automated operators, rude techs, over charging, and the list goes on. Although I have heard they have changed with Verizon in the market; or not. I lived with dial up before and I can do it again.

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      6th of Aug, 2012
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    Verizon military criminals continue to stalk residential building supers offering them $2, 000.00 per month for their cancer, radiation sickness, cell transmitters and repeaters seen within feet of bedroom windows all over the ny tri-state area. Multitudes of these deadly, leaking, obsolete wired by alarms to their bases if unplugged or removed death units, have killed the elderly, and cause 24/7 brown burns, hair, and vision loss, nausea, and death. When will these be removed off of residential buildings for our health safety? Does anyone care that each of these transmit 10 miles, listen, and see you, report you to subhuman authorities, and cause haarp weather earthquakes?

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