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Verizon DSL / verizon tech support and internet

1 NJ, United States Review updated:

My internet connection suddenly slowed down dramatically around noon time. I am using DSL and it should be at least 3Mbps. After rebooting the router and computers a couple of time I came to the conclusion that it was a network problem with Verizon. Many many hours later the problem was still there so I decided to call Verizon. I was transfered to tech support. After speeking to two reps the problem is still there. In fact, I did not really expect them to solve the problem on the spot. I only wanted to know if there's reported network problem in my area, or report to Verizon if nothing has been reported. However, the tech rep just seemed the they had to go through their own or standard list of things to do/check instead of listenning to the customers. After a long long time on the phone with 2 reps the problem is still there and I am not even sure if the network problem has been reported or not. The 2nd rep started a screen share program but the phone call with her was cut off and the sharing session ended. I was asked to submit an online survey but after I wrote my comment I could not submit--it says it had to be done within 30min after the session ended...I did not feel it had been more than 30min but...Anyway, just so my comment would not get wasted I decided to post it here. Hope it will be helpful to someone:

"This technical support representative (and the one before her) did not seem to understand the problem. I repeatedly told them that the internet connction was fine until late this morning/early this afternoon. It can not be the problem with the computer since I have been using 3 different ones ranging from several-year-old to one-week-new with either Window's XP or Vista. It should be a network problem. And she did check the speed twice--once 47kbps and the other 21kbps. I can power off/on the router and computer many times (and I did do it myself before and after I got connected with the service reps) but the network problem will still be there if this is not reported to Verizon. Both of these reps insisted in going through the whole "check list" instead of just listen to the customer and report to Verion that there's a network problem in this area. Although after I asked her to check if there's any report on network problem in northern NJ, she did tell me there was a network problem in the area of Planisboro, NJ, when asked how big an area( many miles of radius) it normally means or if my area (Leonia, about 55 miles away from Planisboro), she could not provide any further. Then the call was cut off and she did not make any atempt to call back. The rep before her even closed the ticket indicating the issue had been resolved while it was not true at all."

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  • So
      30th of Jul, 2009
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    I am having the exact same problem! It started yesterday and is occurring now. I spent a while on the phone with Verizon tech support, to no avail! Has anyone found a fix for this?

  • Fu
      7th of May, 2011
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    verizon tech access my computer to configure Window Live. I notice the arrow wasn't moving and didn't follow my gut. IN my ID prompt, he type the name of a doctor I email days ago in my Yahoo account. He was in my folders and private information. he removed everything. My files, pictures documents, etc... were gone. I called back and of course those foreign out source people act like they knew nothing. I will open a police report. my credit card infor and pictures of family. These people will still your Identity. My Bank information was in my yahoo account. I asked how was he able to type that ID in my prompt he said we ne to concentrate on fixing your mail. He didn't he got out quickly. The fact he was in my doctors information was worse. I have a workers comp case against verizon.

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