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Verizon Communications / verizon landline phone

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On July 13th I called customer service to complain about a buzzing and static on my copper land line. Customer Support replied there would be a repair guy in the area between 1:00pm and 5:00pm. I left the house at 4:15pm on an appointment and when I got back saw on my cell that a service tech needed to get into the house. He arrived approx. 6:00pm and I showed him to the basement and went back to speak with my son. When I came down to check on him he was installing fiber and stated that the problem was the copper line between pole and house. I made it plain that we lived in an area with a lot of blackouts and that fiber required an electric source such as to make it unusable in blackouts. He continued and completed the installation.

I called customer service to complain and get my copper line restored starting at 8:10 on July 14th. After many re-routed calls and drops I managed to speak with a manager (Miss Green) and requested a restoration of my copper line. She responded with a call to the Central office and she told that they 'couldn't migrate me back to copper' as the area had been converted to fiber. When I asked whether I was the only customer with copper, she replied that she didn't know but that we couldn't go back. I find it impossible to believe that I had a functioning, but static laden copper line yesterday morning but that it 'cannot' be brought back to copper the next day.

I would like to escalate this problem but I don't know whom to contact. Can you please help me, this is a problem for me without a solution.

thank you
Robert Husband
Name on the account; R W Husband
account; [protected]Y

Jul 14, 2017

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