Verizon Communications / paying bill

Charlotte, NC, United States

I have a Verizon Hot Spot. Last month, I dropped my plan from $50 to $30. This month's bill is for $50. I tried to speak with customer service to correct error and pay but my account is unable to be accessed because I don't remember pin #. Didn't really know I had one because I don't 'do' Verizon online. I tried to register my account, I kept getting error messages at what I was entering then it locked me out. I called customer service back to see if they could assist further but I was told that I wouldn't get the code anyway bc it was a Hot Spot? That I would have to physically go to a store w my drivers license? I'm sorry but I won't be inconveniencing myself to that degree. Ridiculous! No security questions, nothing? I've got more important things to worry about than a Verizon pin! I'll be willing to pay my bill when someone can speak to me and I can pay the correct amount! Until then consider my service canceled and please don't bother me with late notices and collections bc paying my obligation is not the problem, your services are the problem! I appreciate security but this goes too far in inconveniencing your customers. Thank you.

Sep 18, 2017

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