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Verizon / their billing mistakes sent me to collections!

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Since summer of 2010 I have spent 15hrs on the phone to Verizon Customer Service, effectively doing their job for them! If you're considering Verizon BE WARNED! They may be one of the big players but they DO NOT PLAY FAIR! I'm a professional, educated, law-abiding individual and I pay close attention to my bills. Over the last 2 years I've logged billing errors which Verizon won't admit to and that have cost me almost $1000!

Here's my story: In summer I had the Verizon Internet/TV/land line and wireless package and decided to drop all of their services apart from the wireless service (this was due to my contractual commitment and NOT because it's a good service - it's really NOT). Just before I made this change, I received a bill THREE TIMES ($706.12) the amount of my normal bill! I called them and the error in billing was identified and resolved..or so I thought! Subsequently I continued to receive periodic bills for the disputed amount! Whenever I'd call Verizon, I'd be told not to worry about it and that it was an error in the billing dept. It's now late November and I've just received a bill from a credit collection company(!) for the amount Verizon told me I did not owe!

Their internal communication is HORRIBLE! Existing customers who've had to call Customer Service and who have multiple services from this carrier will already know the nightmare that is Verizon Customer Service and Billing. People in the SAME department will give you five different answers to the same question. Written confirmation in non-existent so you never know where you stand (until of course they send you to a collections agency - by which time both your wallet AND credit history are suffering)!

As soon as my 2yr contract is up Verizon are HISTORY and I would NEVER have a good word to say about this company to anyone! Over the last few years, Ive had to pay top dollar for cell phones which were already obsolete. Their handsets break on average after only 3 months of ownership (this has happened three times now). Verizon will do everything NOT to replace defective or substandard equipment if it can help it. And pay close attention if this happens to you and you DO receive a replacement handset, because they will more than likely mark it as an early upgrade and your 2yr contract will start all over again! This has happened to me twice now. The second time I contested it when I saw my bill a few weeks later, but by that time it's your word against theirs and guess who they'll believe...


As if all that isn't enough, early on in my time as a Verizon customer I was billed an additional $254 for downloading FOUR ring tones advertised at under $3 each!! Like a sucker I paid thinking maybe I'd hit the wrong button on my phone or something! When more billing errors started to occur I realized that it wasn't something I was doing it was VERIZON'S INCOMPETENCE!

Message to Verizon: If you're going to lock people into a 2yr contract:
a): Provide hardware that will last for the life of the contract.
c): You have a LONG way to go in terms of your communication both internally and with your customers...and you call yourself a 'communications' company. You should be ashamed.

If there's anything positive to come from all this it's that I've now learned to AVOID cell phone carriers' two year contracts. This is their way of locking you in to two years of poor service at an over-inflated price. Companies that provide good service and treat their customers well don't need restrictive contracts and early termination fees to stop their customers from leaving - it's that simple.

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  • Ke
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Verizon - Charges/Collections
    United States

    When I moved abroad a few years ago, I cancelled out my cell phone the week before I left but Verizon charged me a $9 servicing fee later on the same day. I specifically asked the agent if my phone was indeed free and clear and she stated yes it was, and in fact I had paid for the next month in advance ahead of time even though I would never used it again.
    A year later, my friends gave me a box of all my mail of which I had had forwarded to them. There were probably 80-100 letters from Verizon and my friends didn't bother to open one due to who knows why.
    Verizon wouldn't even deal with me at all. When I called them they told me that I should have dealt with the servicing fee within 90 days. While looking at my bill, I told them that they charged me a servicing fee AFTER I HAD CANCELLED my phone and had been out of the country ever since. They directed me to collections to settle it and said it was out of their hands.
    SO... I hung up and paid the collections people the $150 something charge right then and there with my debit card.
    OVER A YEAR later I ran my credit score only to find that Verizon had never settled the disbute. I had to pay my old bank to dig up scanned copies of my old bank transactions to show them I had paid Verizon's collection agency. Finally after 2-3 weeks of threatening letters, Verizon finally agreed that the bank statements I provided were enough to close out my case.

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