Vayama / no refund

This was first time I used vayama to book an international flight.
I'm trying to get Refund for a cancelled reservation from past 3 weeks.
1st time when I called after initial 7-10 day Refund issue period, I was told there are no issues with the refund and refund will be issued next Monday. But no refund was made. I called 5 times in 2 weeks after that to check the refund status, every time they told that refund will be issues in 2-3 days. On 03/28/2016, I received email that refund will be issued in 1-2 billing cycles (60 days). When I contacted the customer care I got different answers from customer care representatives. One Rep. told that it's being processed and another told she is not sure when the refund will be processed. I've booked & cancelled flights earlier on other websites but never had any issues for getting refund. I would suggest please do not use Vayama to make any reservations.

Mar 08, 2016

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