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Candlewood Suites reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 23, 2007. The latest review Drugs / partying / noise / unsafe and threatening atmosphere was posted on Dec 4, 2020. The latest complaint hotel service by the general manager, holly shriver was resolved on Jul 24, 2018. Candlewood Suites has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 37 reviews. Candlewood Suites has resolved 8 complaints.

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Dec 04, 2020

Candlewood Suites — Drugs / partying / noise / unsafe and threatening atmosphere

What the hell is going on at Candlewood Suites, Polaris, Columbus Ohio??? I feel like I'm in the middle...

Sep 10, 2020

Candlewood Suites — Stuck on the elevator for 45 minutes

I checked into the Candle wood Suites at 3605 Vestal Pkwy E, Vestal, NY 13850. I am here to work a...

Dec 22, 2019

Candlewood Suites — bed bugs/scabies

I am sending this complaint because I stayed at the candlewood suites at the address above. The bed I slept...

Dec 08, 2019

Candlewood Suites — customer service, cleanliness, equipment, attitude

Going on a fourth year of being a spire elite remember with over a hundred and fifty stays a year at IHG...

Sep 16, 2019

Candlewood Suites — room was old and dated, extremely uncomfortable and overpriced for the accommodations

Steve Stoner room 303 check in date 9/13/19 check out date 9/15/19 membership # [protected] contact info...

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Candlewood Suitesbilling

I have a charge on my credit card ending in 1145 for $567.45.

I have called 13 times to find out who stayed in what hotel. Each time, I am told I need to know which hotel the charge was from. Do you not see the problem here? I do not know what hotel charged me as I never stayed at your hotel. Each time I call, all you do is the bare minimum and try to blame somebody else and pass me off to another terrible, worthless employee. Below is the info from the credit card charge... Do you see a hotel city/state? Neither do i.

Please reply back to me immediately with an explanation of how my card was used at your hotel. [protected] or call me at [protected]

Lovering, stephen *1145
Candlewood suites candlewood suites
Transaction date 05-29-2019
Posting date 05-31-2019
Transition amount $ 567.45

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    Candlewood Suitesreservation was missing

    I made prepaid reservation online through, which I am sure half of america and europe does use since rates are cheaper. Never had any issue in my life like I had with this hotel. We booked a suite in candlewood suites/harrisburg pa hershey. 2 adults 2 children, which I specifically called the day before our trip to confirm and it was confirmed with the front desk. The day we got to pa, I called the hotel for them to tell me I was moved to a sister hotel. I called there to confirm and they told me the room had only 1 bed, no pull put couch and no roll out beds, and they told the manager @ candlewood that they did not have a room to accommodate all of us in my party. I called back candlewood and not one person had any reason as to what happen to my reservation. I was told I made reservations through a 3rd party and the hotel had no phone # to contact me. But still no explanation what happend to my room. They had no iam sorry no let me compensate you nothing. Rude inconsiderate and very unprofessional. So my husband and I slept pn the floor and out the kids in the bed. Just to let you know over there that you all suck [censored] and I would never go back even if its free and I will def let better business bureau know you suck as well. Had to call a million times to finally get a refund that is still pending, lets see if that really happens now. [censored]

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      Candlewood Suitesroom was not up to par

      I spent Tuesday, May 7th at the Candlewood suites due to a flight delay at Love field in Dallas, Texas. I agreed to fee of $73 and was given a handicap suite. The fan in both living area and bedroom were both broken. The one in living area had knobs broken off and the one in bedroom would not turn off. I eventually unplugged them both as the temperature was very cold. Also the toilet would not flush at all. I reported this to clerk at check out, but she did not seem to either understand or care. I paid for the room the night before ($79.53 with tax) and had to catch shuttle to airport. I do not expect a complete refund, but feel the amount I paid far exceeded the quality of the room I received. I appreciate your time with this matter. My name is Vicki Setzler and my phone # is [protected]

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        Candlewood Suites — company

        I've been working for candlewood suites in Mt Laurel NJ since 5/23/18 my reason for filling a complaint i...

        Candlewood Suites — customer service

        I booked reservation in July 2018 for my son's Army Basic/AIT Training Oct 23-27th, 2018. I called and talked...

        Fort Leonard Wood

        Candlewood Suitesroom

        The room smells like stale cigarette smoke.
        The fitted sheet had a stain on it. When I brought it to the attention to the front desk clerk, they simply handed me a sheet.
        The cooling/heating vent is filthy.
        The room has not been vacuumed. There is a beer bottle cap on the floor and popcorn kernels in the floor.
        The remotes are so dirty, I don't want to touch them. Dirt is caked on them.
        I've never stayed in such a run downed hotel.


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          Candlewood Suites — weekly double charges

          My husband and I have discovered our card is being charged two weeks for a week because someone keep...

          Candlewood Suites — problems with deposit

          Hi yes me and my hisbamd reserved a room last night we had to give $100 for a deposit cause we didn't have...

          Candlewood Suitespet policy at windsor locks, ct. location

          I thought all Candlewood Suites followed the same policies at ever location. My complaint is with the Windsor Locks, CT. location and their pet policy. They are
          discriminating against cats...cats are not allowed. I don't understand this. People who travel with cats rather than dogs also have pedigreed animals. They are not the run of the mill strays. We travel with our litter boxes and scratching posts as we are
          responsible owners who not only want to make our pet comfortable but also want to eliminate any possible damage the pet may cause. The location in CT. that I previously mentioned will not accept a cat and offers no reason why. I fully accept the $75 pet fee which I assume is used for extensive cleaning of the what is their issue? I travel to this area 2-3 times a year and need a safe, clean place I can take my pet.

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            Candlewood Suites — workers, and price change.

            I made a reservation for a suite for a family that was displaced from a fire that destroyed their home and...

            Candlewood Suites — lazy and extremely rude desk employees

            Have taken every step, other than moving into another room, which is a major inconvenience. Constant calls to...

            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Candlewood Suites in Southaven, MShotel service by the general manager, holly shriver

            Date of incident - 7-24-18
            Reservation number - 208741 (initial hotel stay June 23rd and now through August 15th.
            Guests - Steven and Leslie Hollingshead

            I am a Large Loss Claims Specialist at Nationwide Insurance. One of our vendors, ALE Solutions, made a reservation for our member and their family of 7 to stay at the Candlewood Suites in Southaven, MS (6753 Airways Blvd., Southaven, MS 38671, [protected]) until we can locate a rental home. This family has been through a very traumatic experience where they almost lost one of their children when a 65 year old oak tree fell on the house and through the child's bedroom during a severe thunderstorm. Two trees fell on this 3500 sf home while the entire family was home and it is now a total loss.

            Today, I received a call from our insured, Leslie Hollingshead [protected]) advising me that Candlewood is moving them from their room to another room (and away from their children - college age). She said she spoke to Crystal last night around 8:00pm and she said everything was taken care of and they are booked through July 27th. When Mrs. Hollingshead left the hotel this morning, she spoke to JoAnn at the front desk and she told her the rooms have now been booked through August 15th. There was no mention from either one of these girls about having to switch rooms. Mrs. Hollingshead said Crystal was letting the General manager know (Holly Shives). Apparently, the GM made the decision to move them to another room.

            I called the GM (Holly) today around 4 or 4:30 pm today to ask if they can remain in their same room. She was very rude when speaking with me and said she already discussed this with me a couple days ago. I advised her I have never spoken with her before or anyone else at this hotel regarding the Hollingsheads. She kept insisting I spoke to her. She said the type of room they are booked in is not a "long term" room and the maximum amount of time they can stay in this room is 30 days. She never mentioned anything about the hotel being booked up. I asked her if she was aware of the Hollingsheads situation and the emotional trauma they have gone through and she said she did, but it didn't matter, they can not stay in that room for more than 30 days. She said they will move them to another room. I asked her if she could make an exception considering what this family has gone through and not put them through any more inconveniences ad she said "no", "this is not a long term room". She then said to me again "I already spoke to you about this a couple days ago" and I again told her I have never spoken to her before and wasn't aware of this situation until this afternoon when Mrs. Hollingshead told me. She didn't believe me and insisted we already discussed this. I thanked her for her time and hung up.

            I then called your customer care dept. and spoke to a woman (don't know her name and she didn't give me an incident number). I explained to her the situation and asked if she could do something to keep this family from moving rooms. She put me on hold for about 5 minutes and called the GM then came back on the line. She said she was sorry but there was nothing she could do. She said the GM said these rooms were already booked up. I advised the girl she mentioned nothing about the rooms being booked up, only that they couldn't stay in this particular room for more than 30 days. (and I forgot to mention, today is the 30th day).

            I then contacted Mrs. Hollingshead back to let her know there was nothing they could do. She was very confused because both Tammy and Joann had already told her last night and this morning that everything was okay. My assumption is that the GM, Holly, took it upon herself to have them moved to another room.

            I then called the Customer care line back and got ahold of another person, Tammy. Tammy was very helpful and confirmed that the GM could have left the Hollingshead's in the same room and put the new guests in the room where they were going to move the Hollingshead's. Tammy was about to called the GM when I received a text from Mrs. Hollingshead letting me know the GM spoke to her when she entered the hotel a few minutes ago and apologized and said they won't have to switch rooms. I let Tammy know and we ended our conversation.

            I then called Mrs. Hollingshead back to find out what happened. She said Holly approached her when she entered the lobby and apologized and said they didn't have to move. She also said "Kristy Richardson (me) was causing a lot of problems and stirring the pot". She also told Mrs. Hollingshead that she discussed all of this with me a couple days ago. Mrs. Hollingshead said there's no way she spoke to me because Kristy wasn't even aware of the situation until this afternoon. She kept insisting she spoke to me and continued to say I was causing a lot of problems.

            It's unfortunate that this had to happened when all the GM had to do was leave our insureds in their room. She has caused unnecessary stress to the Hollingshead's and myself regarding this incident. In the end, Holly did the right thing, but at what cost. She put undo stress on a family that has enough stress in their life as it is. I send a lot of customers to the Candlewood Suites when their lives our turned upside down by house fires or tornado losses, but I've never had any problems until today. This incident has now tainted my opinion of this particular facility. I also take great offense to the comments Holly Shives made about me to Mrs. Hollingshead. She was rude, unempathetic, unprofessional, and she basically called me a liar when she insisted to both me and Mrs. Hollingshead that she discussed this issue with me a couple days ago. I'm sure Mrs. Hollingshead would be more than happy to corroborate what happed today [protected]).

            I have now spent the last three hours dealing with an issue that never should have happened had your GM done the right thing to begin with. I could have been helping my other customers instead of dealing with this issue. My purpose in writing this letter is hopefully to prevent something like this doesn't happen again with future guests.


            Kristy Richardson
            Large Loss Adjuster
            Nationwide Insurance

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              The GM resolved the issue by letting the customer stay in their original room

              Candlewood Suitesour room cleanliness

              I have pictures. The hotel is sold out so unable to move to a comparable room. Our room is beyond dirty. Dust, food, dirt everywhere. I have requested our room he cleaned tomorrow but if I was able to get another room I would. I stay with Candlewood but this is disappoint and I cannot leave as my son is racing and all hotels are booked. I have pictures and would like to send so I am not thought of as a problematic customer. I've never stayed in such a filthy room. Staff at front was great but I am shocked to be honest.

              our room cleanliness
              our room cleanliness
              our room cleanliness
              our room cleanliness
              our room cleanliness
              our room cleanliness

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                Candlewood Suitesservice housekeeping

                I spent 2 nights at the Candlewood Suites In Radcliff Kentucky for Knox I stayed there from June 1st Friday night I check out that Sunday June the 3rd Saturday night I come Back into my hotel room am I roam is dirty my best were not made and I still had dirty towels on the floor in the bathroom. I call the front desk and XY have it my room was clean and they told me that it only gets clean every 7 days there a different type of hotel they told me I really didn't understand what the lady meant by that because I stay there plenty of times is one of my favorite hotels but now is the worse I just don't understand why they could not clean my room or even give me tiles but eventually they bring me some towels up late on that Saturday night I'm just really disappointed in the service that I received at the Candlewood Suites in rack of Kentucky I will never ever go bet or refer anyone to this hotel I wish I would have got some type of refundor probly all my money back if I would have known that they don't clean rooms I would have went somewhere else I'm just really upset and disappoint right now about the service never heard of anything like that in my life. This used to be one of my favorite hotels now is the worse I will never ever go back only for anyone to displace very disappointed.

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                  Candlewood Suitesbooking a room

                  If you don't rent rooms to locals this should be told to the customer at the time of booking, not at check in time!!! Candlewood suites in vicksburg ms., whether it's thru your company directly or thru a booking agency!!! If you're doing business with a booking agency you should still be on the same page!!! I feel both companies are to blame!!! I booked my room on may 21st for may 24th!!! I arrived to check in the morning of the 24th to check in, and was told check in is a 3:00!!! I still was able to give all my information, drivers license, address ect.!!! Upon returning around 6:00, I was told there was a flag because they don't rent to locals!!! What!!! I was just here this morning, I said!!! The guy was new she said!!! So what, i'm thinking!!! There was a manager there with him putting in my information!!! I had guest from out of town for my daughters graduation that day, and thought it would be a nice place for them!!! I stayed there back in 2012 it was nice!!! I had to try and get another room last minute, thank goodness comfort suites was able to accommodate me last minute, especially with graduation going on!!! OMG!!! What if I wouldn't have been able to get a decent room for my guest!!! Bad business!!!

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