Value City Furniture / Wrong furniture order

Charlotte, NC, United States
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Phone: 704-227-0170

I want on Monday Dec. 3, 2012 i order a bed and paid cash for it they said it will be in on Thursday. I said OK but couldn't pick it up until Saturday because i couldn't get anyone to pick it up until then. The store would deliver but they wanted to charge 141.00, who has that kind of money this days. When i picked up the bed and got it home it was the wrong bed. They refuse to come an pick it up and the new one wouldn't be in until Thursday again. And i would have come back and pick that one up to. So i would have to make four trips to get one bed. I ask way can, t they deliver the bed for free scents it was there mistake from the start they said they couldn't because it was company policy. That was not very good business.

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