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When moving our recliner accross the floor the fabric was torn, unfortunately at the seam. We've had the chair for 25 months and accept the fact that it's out of manufacture warranty, but we did purchase the fabric warranty (7years for $64.99). When we called the warranty service and described what had happened, fabric was torn at the seam, that it was not covered and must be covered by manufactures warranty. We were not claim a faulty seam, but the [censored] that it was torn by accident, and it just happened to be the seam. I spoke to the store Manager Mike R and attempted to explain the situation and all he could do was tell me that it was beyond the manufacture warranty period. The warranty is very grey in this regard and that if you have an accidental damage, and it happens to be at a seam-------"Your not covered". In my opinion this is nothing but a warranty your $64.99

Nov 26, 2014

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