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Streamwood, IL, United States
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I bought two couches, and a mattress, box set. Was told that it will arrive Wednesday.

Waited on that day, moved all furniture. Gave it away, removed my old mattress. Nothing came that day, no call from the company. I called them, they tell me it was pushed until Saturday.

How was it pushed until Saturday?! They could not explain. Which is fine, delays happen. At least CALL!!!

Give a heads up. Say something, I don't even need an apology, just a call to tell me it will be late. Changes happen. Nope, I was told nobody looks at the computer to pay attention to changes...I mean really?!

That is your job? As a customer service agent? It's serve, and make sure things go smoothly. At the end of it all, my delivery was waved.

Saturday came, and only the top of the mattress came, not the full set. I was told it was not in the description. But it was on my receipt. They call me and tell me Wednesday again, as it did not arrive in the shipment with the couches and all.

How that happens?! Is beyond me at this point. All in all, I would never again shop at this place.

Horrible customer service who clearly have no idea what they are doing there.This will be the last time I ever go there.

Aug 20, 2016

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