Value City Furniture / Living Room set

Charlotte, NC, United States

I purchased my first home Feb 2015. I decided to go to Value City Furniture to furnish this new home. Boy was I in for a world of trouble. The first set I purchased was a choc brown sectional. I loved it but the problem was it started breaking within 3 months of me having it. Mind you no one in my home is over 2oolbs. I called and they sent a guy out to fix it. I called on 4 occasions but only 3 were noted. After the 4th call I was told that they had to come get the sectional and fins out why it was breaking. They said it would take 3-6 weeks for them to figure it out. That being said, I would be on the floor for a month. I was no happy. I told them that they can keep it and I wanted something different. Clearly it was a manufacture defect. After the run around with them finally they agreed for me to get something different. This time I got a couch, love seat, and a ottoman. When they delivered the ottoman the delivery guy was very rude. I had to wake my fiance up so he could come down. He wanted to keep my front door open while he put the legs on. I was not having it because now its fall or summer and bugs are out. Well the guy cut the ottoman while ripping the plastic. I called that same day and told them it was cut. They sent another out this time it smelled like (dog do do). I was not pleased. The delivery guy called it in for me. It would take 30 days for me to get another. The other came, this delivery guy stripped the nails in the leg and it would stand properly. Now i have to wait another 30 days for a new one. A new arrived and this one smelled so horrible even the delivery guy was embarrassed. He called for me and had to leave it outside. Mind you the decorative pillows that I ordered were wrong. The sales person gave me the wrong info. And this is kind of where the problem started. I called about the decorative pillows and the lady said that they would just go ahead and order them. Now back to the ottoman. I kept getting the stinkiest ottoman to finally I refused the delivery. I went back and got a burgundy accent chair (the same color of the decorative pillows i was to get). Back to the decorative pillows. I called the store and the nasty girl says that I had to pay for the pillows because I was miss informed. She said I had the right pillows. I knew the sales rep told me burgundy and brown because got the burgundy accent chair to match. Besides I hate the color green so that assured me again about the information he sales rep told me. I called corporate office and Chris assured me that they would order the pillows. It took 3 months for anyone to call. I called about the pillows and they said they called me. I didn't get a call, they said I had to pay for the pillows. (why when I was told that was the color I would get). Now I am mad its been months. I asked for my money back or to just get a different set. I was told again "we would just order you some pillows". # mos go by again and no pillows. I call and call. No manager would speak to me. I called corporate yet again. They called couldn't get a hold to anyone. Now its been another 3 months, no pillows. In November 2015 I got a call from them and they said they ordered the pillows and they would call when they come in it takes 4-6 weeks. I called in March 2016 to check on the pillow. What a coincidence the pillows had not been ordered. I asked for my money back once again. I went around and around. Called corporate again. They called and sent me to another store to pick up the pillows. I actually waited to go to that store a week later. When I went to that store they told me they had to order it. (Why didn't anyone call me instead of having me drive 30 mins). That was the day I had enough 9 months of crappy service. I want my money back and i will NEVER shop here again. It took days and multiple phone calls for me to get my money back. I was speaking with Sue (really rude and laughed at everything I said). They wanted to charge me a 15% restock fee, keep my fabric protection money, also the delivery fee. That was totally unacceptable. This was no ones fault but there own. I was not going for that either. Finally the manager that Sue was talking agreed to give me all my money back. Mind you this manager never would speak to me. Sue stated that they had to get the furniture before they could issue a refund check. They schedule a pick up on a Sunday. I was home but they said they came and no one was their. Which was a lie. Finally they came back on Friday. I was told the check was be in that Thursday. I go on vacation for a week. Come back that Tuesday the refund was never placed. Now you have had this furniture for a week. I am sitting on the floor at home. Its been 2 1/2 weeks no check. I called twice no one knows where the check is at. I called corporate they cant track it. Now I am feed up. I am going to seek legal action at this point. I will NEVER EVER shop here again. It has been 1 year and 2 months.

Apr 15, 2016

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