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Columbia, SC, United States
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My wife and I purchased went to Value City Furniture in Columbia, SC with the intent of purchasing a recliner. Wile we were there, we saw a couch and matching chair and we decided to purchase those as well as the recliner. I paid for the recliner with cash and financed the rest $1, 400 with 12 months no interest through Synchrony Bank. Prior to telling them I was going to finance the sofa and chair, I inquired about the delivery. We were told that delivery will be an extra $138. I declined and set a date for me to come and pick up the furniture myself. When we go home that same day, we saw online that there was free delivery for three days only and the only requirement was that we must spend over $999. We did. I called the store and spoke with the manager who stated that because we financed the furniture, free delivery was not an option. Where? Where does it state that? Nowhere in your paperwork or website does it state that.
Also, on my receipt, it states that VCF wants my input on my experience. It tells me to got to and enter the code on my receipt. Well, I did that and guess what? Code not found. Every time I try to enter the survey I get the same response "code not found". Go figure.

Anyway, I will be pushing the delivery thing a little bit farther. It seams to be a bait and switch that needs to be addressed with the SC Attorney Generals Office.

Jon V

Oct 15, 2016

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