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Twitter.com / extortion, death threats

Coon Hater on Sep 3, 2017
I have been contacted via direct message by someone claiming to be music mogul Sean Diddy Combs. They are using this Twitter ID @sSeanDiddyCombs. They demanded I send 50 grand in cash to this address 260 N 100 West in Payson, Utah 84651. They also threatened to kill me if I didn't supply...

Twitter / Useless customer service

Mark Lambert on Aug 23, 2017
My profile along with my email address was hacked one year ago with all the posts. Afterwards, I noticed that someone posts under my name. He didn't even change it. I tried to contact their support asking to delete everything including my account, but their advice was ridiculous. They...

Twitter / Awful support

Simonely93 on Aug 16, 2017
If something goes wrong their support never helps. Someone stole my account and changed my email to a wrong one, and the customer service was absolutely useless asking for impossible things like emailing them from hacker's address. They don't even answer you in a personal manner, all...

Twitter / Unblock my account

Sharon on Aug 14, 2017
For some reason only god knows Twitter blocked my profile asking for a cell number to send me a verification code. I didn't receive it and notified them about it. After that, they said they would give my profile back for a small charge. What?? I wish I could delete my account but I can't even...

Twitter / twitter allows music mogul sean diddy combs to extort me for money

Coon Hater on Aug 7, 2017
Music mogul Sean Diddy Combs has contacted me on various platforms including Twitter via direct message. He pretends to want a romantic relationship with me and asked me out for dinner. Then the conversation changes by him trying to extort me for money. I have kept detailed records of...

Twitter / allow sean combs to scam fans

Coon Hater on Aug 4, 2017
I was contacted by music mogul Sean Diddy Combs via direct message on Twitter and by other means. I have records of the conversation. He misled me to believe that he wanted to have dinner with me and have a relationship. He then started asking for large amounts of money to be sent to hi...

Twitter / Internet services, accounts and policies or rules

thewatchmanus on Dec 31, 2016
I had just setup an account with twitter and sign'd out to check my mail then I tried to sign in again and I could not get into my account or use twitter. I never even able to send one tweet or use the account I had just setup on twitter. They claim that I had broken their rules and...

Twitter / Hacked? I need some answers from Twitter supports

Kate on Apr 14, 2016
Recently I have deleted my Twitter account because something strange was going on. I was an active member of Twitter in the past, but then I became very lazy and did not post anything for about a year. When I decided to use this service again and logged in I saw that I was subscribed for...

Twitter / Access blocked

Reviewer67678 on Sep 2, 2015
Twitter has locked me out of my account. They have made false allegations about abuse of my account, spamming, use of bots & malicious activity. Please look at my account to satisfy yourself. They have my name, tel number & email, so ... all privacy there (big NOT!) They still have not fixed...

Twitter / I also use twitter

Carlos S. Miller on Oct 2, 2014
I'm Rabble, one of the people who helped start Odeo and i'm mentioned a bunch in the first couple chapters. This review might not be useful for evaluating the book as something to read, but i figured this might be a decent forum to provide a review. The story is very well told...

Twitter / Customer Support Terrible

Agagner1 on Dec 27, 2011
The lack of help from support and the amount of unhelpful generated responses is completely frustrating. On Dec 20, I opened support claim. In order to open it, I was asked to provide app being used, app version, and mobile software version. In describing my issue I explained the steps I had...

Twitter / New Twitter Continues to Striike Out

Another failing day for Twitter and the new twitter - which doesn't work. Instead of sending messages to users that malfunctions have ben identified and are being fixed, Twitter has decided to brush these issues under the rug. Shame - shame on you twitter for not taking your customer...

Twitter / New Twitter Continues to Fail - Update

There seems to be no end to how the support team at Twitter has continually ignored my request for service. Yet another full day has passed and no one has contacted me. I figured out a way to post to my account through a third party service. However the real problem is this "new Twitter"...

Twitter / No Response from Tech Support

I have been unsuccessful at getting a hold of staff at Twitter to fix a problem with their #NewTwitter (new twitter) service format. There was a test button to select if I wanted to see what the new service looked like. I clicked on the link and my screen went blank. Since then, I have not...

Twitter.com / Not Informing Twitter Account Users on Update Limits.

Twitter limits updates and I had it happen to me when I was updating people on my accout about an important event happening. I was never told this or even read it when I signed up for Twitter. Warning to all; don't sign for Twitter for it doesn't tell you everything you are...

Twitter / Unauthorized charges

Was charged $9.99 on my mobile phone bill for a "download" and when I called phone service provider found it was from Twitter! I don't use Twitter, I have no idea how this happened. Called them and was told it was from taking an IQ test. They did say that they would refund the charge...

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