Value City Furniture / Buyer BEWARE

United States

Purchased 3/17/11, on backorder will deliver 4/20. Items missing, Rcvd call back, confirmed with truck, they don't have the items. They have 1 of them in stock and I can come pick it up if I'd like, but still checking on the shelves for bed. I just spent about $5, 000, really!

Didn't receive call back about other missing items (shelves to bed), had to follow up. I was told to call the other store, I did, received run around & called my store back and told them to figure it out since I purchased it there.

In the meantime, I was charged the full amount right away. I paid more than 1/2 in cash and balance 12mos same as cash. If I don't take possession of product for another month, either give me 13 mos sac (not allowed per Customer Service) or don't charge the balance until delivered.

After numerous calls, I was told my shelves for the bed would deliver 5/27/11, or I could pick them up!. I suggested the Manager of Customer Service deliver it personally..

Well, here is it 5/31/11 and still no shelfs nor a call from Customer Service?. They have managed to send me 2 monthly statements:. If it weren't so much trouble, I'd call and tell them to come pick up the bed and give me my money back, . What a nightmare, .Once the sale is made they could care less about you:. Its all about the $$.

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