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United States

I have to say I am really disappointed. On 5/5/11 I placed an order for a 5PC pub dinette set and the Barcelona queen bedroom package. I was advised that the dresser & mirror portion would not be available until 6/17/11 & arranged for delivery of the dresser and mirror on 6/18/11.

After reviewing my invoice a few times I noticed that the delivery of the items was not broken down on the invoice which had me kind of nervous therefore on 5/11/11 I called the store to confirm that the dinette set & the bed were being delivered on 6/2/11 and the dresser and mirror on 6/18/11. At that time I was advised that the delivery was scheduled however the bed's footboard would not be available until 7/8/11 and would be delivered on that day and the bed assembly would occur on that day as well.

I expressed my concern to the person on the phone wondering why the footboard would not be available until that day as it seems odd that only that part of the bed wouldn't be ready. I expressed further concern and did not feel this was handled correctly because #1-No one called me to advise me of this #2-I would not have known this had I not called to confirm that my delivery order was correct #3-My wife and I have to wait a month and a week before we have a bed, yet I am getting billed immediately for it #4-The delivery of the footboard and assembly of the bed was scheduled for 7/8/11 without consulting me which would have been necessary so I could make arrangements at work since this does fall on a week/work day #5-I was given no other options.

I find this very disturbing as all the person on the phone could offer was an apology for my inconvenience. Somehow, this just doesn't seem like enough. I did attempt to submit my complaint/concern to corporate via the website but was stopped by an "error has occured" message each time I tried without an indication of what the error is. So it seems that I am left to stew since the store won't do anything, there is nor corporate phone number on the site, and the site keeps giving me an error when I try to get assistance.

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