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Value City Furniture / Fraudulent practices

1 United States
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My husband and I bought a couch, loveseat, ottoman and chair for our living room in August. We had been warned by a friend not to buy furniture at Value City, but I really liked the style of the furniture and because the salesman sold us a warranty on the furniture that covered it, I felt safe. My friend agreed and said that if she had bought the insurance on the furniture she would have been OK. So I thought everything would be fine. Wow, was I wrong!

We bought the couch and ottoman new. The salesman pushed for us to buy the loveseat and chair “as is." He explained that the damage was minor and the warranty would cover any new tears, rips or structure defects if they appeared later. He said the “as is" damage (which had already occurred) would NOT be covered under the warranty. My husband and I were fine with that because the damage was just scuff marks the salesman said occurred when the cleaning crew was cleaning the floors in the show room and they were on the arm of the chair that you couldn't see because of where we were placing the furniture in our house. We paid cash for the furniture and didn't think twice about our purchase. We had insurance on our furniture through the company.

About a week after we got the ottoman home the fabric on top started to come undone and there was a tear in the arm of the couch. I called Value City and they said they would be out in a few days to fix it. They fixed both pieces and then I noticed that there was a tear in our chair on the inside where the back and sides meet. It hadn't been there before and the back looked like it was breaking down. I called the company and they told me my insurance was only on my couch and ottoman. I was shocked. I had specifically asked the salesman if all the pieces were covered and what was covered and he had assured me everything was covered for seven years -the fabric, the structure, everything. We even talked about scenarios like if the legs fell off, pieces broke or if the cushions went flat. I didn't need the warranty to be good for seven years, because I figured I would buy new by then, but I felt reassured about it. Now I find out I have NOTHING close to what I was told as far as coverage and here is the strange thing. The girl in the office told me I ONLY have fabric protection. I about dropped the phone when she told me that. She also said I already had a maintenance charge on the account the DAY I purchased the furniture??? So instead of buying insurance like they told me I was doing, they put a maintenance charge on my account before anything even happened to it. I don't know what is going on, but this sounds like deceptive practices clear and simple and I can show you pictures of the poor quality of furniture I have.

I demanded the company come and get the furniture since I have had it less than two months and refund my money, but they are refusing. I don't even care if they pay the money to another furniture company. I need furniture, but it has to last me. I feel sick to know I spent so much money on something that –at this rate- won't last me 6 months!!


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