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Usps / Express Mail International / no delivery, no responsible, cheap fake service

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I have never thought about the possibility of paying for such a bad service in usa, but after trying to send some packages to South America, I know that one of the worst services I've pay for in my life is: USPS - Express Mail International Service. They charge me a total cost of US$ 120 for two small boxes and told me through their web site that It was approximately (this is very important) delivered within 3 to 5 business days. I had a bad experience in march 2010 (they lost the package and respond me 3 months later) but a good one in April so I though the bad one was bad luck. I decided to send two packages in November 3 paying for the tracking number and insurance. On November 16 I realized that one of the packages was lost and the other one was in Chilean customs. When I asked USPS if they were responsible for delivering the packages they told me that they couldn't do anything once it is outside US. So, my question is how they can offer a service that they can't be responsible for... sure, they will tell to me, we are responsible because there is a US$ 100 dollar insurance that will be paid if the package is not delivered, but what do they do with my main concern and the service I'd paid for> send a package to an address in South America. It is tricky because with this system you can charge many people, but you aren't sure that the service will be completed, so sometimes it will some others it won't, sometimes the insurance will cover the goods and others it won't and that's it...who cares about it because we have insurance if there's a problem, but not everything is about money. USPS is playing with customers that are worried about delivering a package internationally, not about the money they will give you back if there's any problem. What if the package you are sending doesn’t have a great monetary value but sentimental, who cares about the main service that it is being sold, nobody... Can you trust USPS when sending a package outside US? In my opinion and experience, you can't because they are not able to provide immediate information once it has gone outside US, they should charge for just sending the package to the country you want to send to... "sorry there's someone else in charge now, but if you want we can't ask for more details of where your package is or if it will be delivered someday"... "give us 5 business days to see if we have additional information, but if we do not contact you within this period of time give us a call back..." what's all this bull#$%. And what can I do now Mr. Supervisor of USPS? Well just wait and have patience sir... they are laughing of customers every day. USPS PLEASE DON'T OFFER PEOPLE SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO GIVE.

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  • Po
      25th of Jan, 2011
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    2011 USPS EXPRESS MAIL INTERNATIONAL COMPLAINT: I shipped a return item from Australia to the United States using the "Express Mail International" service. It was updated/tracked on line on the 11th Jan 2011 - 13th Jan 2011 confirming that the item had been despatched from Australia. After the 13th of Jan information, there has been nothing more - as if the item had dropped off the face of the earth and it is now the 26th Jan 2011. I was told that the USPS Express Mail International service would take 3-5 days. It has now been over TWO WEEKS. I have now lodged an inquiry & am preparing myself for USPS to say that it has lost my parcel. I had an item that was to be shipped back to the merchant for returns with a value of $350.00. It baffles me how a service that is marketed as "safe, fast & trackable" is in reality anything but. Please beware of USPS. I for one will never use this service again as it has totally ruined my trust. Once it is confirmed as lost I am going to be writing formal complaints and warning businesses over in Australia not to use this service. BUYER BEWARE. (My parcel tracking no. is EE749996744AU).

  • Sg
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    I've had similar experiences. Once i shipped a box of xmas gifts to friends in Asia and the box NEVER arrived. It finally got rerouted to me in March the following year! I called USPS and they said they don't track anything on First Class mail. How disappointing.

    Another time, i helped to ship items (in 2 separate boxes) worth $2000 to a contact in Asia and that box never arrived. The strange thing is, box 1 arrived but box 2 never did. Since i didn't buy insurance on that box, all i got back was $100 and a very unhappy contact. Customer service was not forthcoming. The people at the Post Office weren't too friendly at the main branch so i went to another that i usually go to. Customer service was a little better and the guy was even apologetic that the package got lost.

    Just last week, i mailed 2 boxes again via Express mail + insurance. 1 box arrived and the other is still missing. Like the previous experience, the trail turns cold (online track and confirm) in Chicago. So... they didn't meet the 5 day guarantee and i'm getting myself prepared to hear that they 'lost' the package. Totally disappointing. I really suspect they have people there who steal customers' packages! What can we do to stop this?

  • St
      22nd of Mar, 2011
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    Same here, I have the same problem. I am supposed to receive a package from US and it has been more than 2 weeks! I live in Asia and I am extremely anxious now. If anyone has any clue how i should go about locating back my item, please email me at [protected] I am almost in tears as I am writing this... This is not the first BAD experience I have with USPS. I sent a cheque to US and it was lost in mail too. It has been more than a year and there's no news...

  • 80
      27th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    LOL Stealth Pilot you sir are a troll XD

  • Lo
      13th of Oct, 2011
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    Package was sent on oct 3 and should arrive within 10 days. Tracking says it is awaiting customs clearing. Dutch customs says the don't have te package and if there is a problem it is on the usps end. I called usps service in the Netherlands and they say they have to wait till customs clears it. I did not pay $50 on postage to receive this bad service! 10 days was promised and I want to be get my package now and receive compensation for the postage costs.
    Louis Koedam.

  • Be
      14th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes friend send me a package heading from arizona to greece with express mail international, shipped out on 3rd December and now we have 14th december!! usps cant help us since it left US. they told me it should be here within 3-5business days. two packages each weight 8kg! do you know where it can be stucked???? which country has it

  • Ki
      26th of Feb, 2013
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    I'm supposed to receive a package since 3 weeks ago. USPS does not know where my package is! And this package has my stuff for my final year project. Worst service ever experienced. They're not helpful at all. Now I have to reorder my stuff and hopefully get that in time for my project.

  • Zh
      6th of Mar, 2013
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  • Cl
      2nd of Nov, 2013
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    About the site the company asked to pay a product, but they doesn't returned!
    Reference: 17985093
    Payed in June-3-2013 amount of US$47, 00

  • Ni
      12th of Dec, 2013
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    I sent a package Nov. 27th (Express international mail). Now, in the middle of December the tracking still doesn't show that it even left Chicago! I called to service, they do not know where is my mail!
    The service is worst then I could imagine - there is no option to send them email or to file complain online. I tried to call them few days and spent hours on the phone untill they finally answered.
    Now, after half of month, I have no idea where is my package, and they didn't say anything about it. Excuse me, is that what say call "Express"?!

  • Vi
      28th of Dec, 2013
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    Priority Mail Express International™ sent from Usa/ LA 9 dec to Sweden last updated tracking 10 dec in USA.
    18 days ago and its nowhere scanned in Sweden.
    Never Usps again!!
    Loads of complains from USPS users.
    "Reliable and fast" :(

  • Sb
      22nd of Dec, 2016
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    I have also BAD Experience using USPS Priority Mail Express International, which made me land in this forum .Too much delay and no updates, my item seems stuck midway in a transit country (luxemburg). Next time i have to say the seller- @ANY COST, DON'T SHIP BY USPS

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