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I have had the same thing happen to me now - I communicated during my 14 day trial stating that the item I wanted to download (which was advertised) isn't actually available so I wish to cancel. They took a couple of days to reply saying I need to go onto their site and cancel. I looked on the site and couldn't see an 'unsubscribe' or anything so I filled out a customer query form again from their site. Days later I got another reply stating that they are sorry for the delay my request is being handled etc. I subscribed to the 14 day free trial because I had seen that were advertising that they had a specific download that I wanted. To subscribe to their 14 day free trial I had to give my credit card details. After a couple of days I went onto their site to look for the download & it wasn't available so I wrote to them, using their customer query form on their website, stating that I am not interested in continuing with the service they offer as they had advertised something that wasn't available. I received a reply after a couple of days stating that the advert must've been placed by a 3rd party and they have no control over that so it's not their responsibility - but why would a 3rd party advertise something that isn't available and send traffic to the site? They informed me that in order to cancel my subscription I have to do it on their website. I looked on their site and couldn't see anywhere where I could unsubscribe. so I wrote to them again stating that I can't find how to unsubscribe as there doesn't see to be a link etc. I waited a couple of days and didn't receive a reply from them. Then they deducted ±100 Euros off my card! So I went back onto their site to see what I could do and found that I had to phone either the US or the UK. I phoned the UK number and spoke to a rude woman - from a Chinese call centre I assume. She had all my correspondence on record, and even knew that I had contacted them again asking how can I cancel the subscription as I can't see a link on their website, yet she wouldn't discuss it at length, she said just repeated that the T&C's show inform people after 14 days free trial expires you have to pay! She has obviously been trained at handling complaints and angry people! Yes, I understand that the condition is that if you don't cancel within 14 days you have to pay - but what about the fact that they make it very difficult for you to cancel - slow replies to queries, no easy way on the website to cancel - forcing clients to make an overseas phone call! It is my believe that they delayed in order for my 14 days to expire so that they could take my money. Also, I wanted to dispute it with my credit card company but can't because don't communicate via email, you have to complete customer query form so I have no proof to send to my credit card company that I informed Usenet from the outset that I didn't want to continue with their service. It's an obvious fraudulent scam and they should be stopped from operating!

Dec 21, 2015

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