SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / poor customer service from paddy/ nicholas diaz

Two whom it may concern - my name is richard I am from fraud prevention team of flights services inc we are travel based company, I called at [protected] thi no# to verify the details as usual, just ot make sure that the charge we are going to made on you customer card are legitimate and I have exact detail that you have, I spoke with paddy one of your representative, she said they never v/f any detail to the 3rd party, I said her we usually v/f such kind of details but no one ever said this, I demand for her senior she put me on hold later came with mr nickolas diaz who introduce me as team manager trust me he cant manage, as he advice me the same is request them to mark me a mail stating the same, so he did, which is good I have already attached a copy, but question came here, I called again and spoke with lucinda, and see what happen she assist me with my query, and helped me, now I am curious that how come a policy can change in 5 min, 1st two person said there is no such policy but 3 agent verifies every thing, it means 1st 2 agent are not serious with the job, dear us bank this is something serious issue that you need to focus I have attached a copy of mr diaz email where he is saying that he cant help me

Aug 21, 2018

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