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Last year my vehicle was slightly damaged while parked unattended in a parking lot. I reported it to USAA and let them know I would not be filing a claim since it could be fixed inexpensively on my own. Later I found that USAA had reported in the CLUE and ISO databases that I filed a claim for being involved in an accident.

When contacting USAA for assistance, I received some abrupt treatment from several claims representatives, then ended up talking to two managers - one who failed to return a phone call as promised and another who was quite arrogant in his downright refusal to correct the inaccuracies. To date, USAA has been perfectly happy to leave this false information about my claims history in both public databases, and I am missing out on a safe driver discount at my current insurer as a result.

This was the final straw after several years of putting up with clueless representatives and gradually-rising premiums with no reason or explanation.

I have since closed ALL of my insurance, banking, and investment accounts with USAA and the rest of my extended family is in the process of doing the same. Don't trust this dishonest company.

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  • La
      3rd of Mar, 2009

    My complaint is in regards to an accident that transpired on 11 Aug 06 under USAA Policy # 1541-35-53. The representative we spoke with after the accident stated that my wife was at fault due to the fact that she still had use of her brakes even though the brake usage had been diminished because of the previous accident that was not completely. The justification was that she may not have had 100% of the use but still had functional use of the vehicle. This did not bother us at the time because USAA did not raise our rates.

    After switching from USAA to Progressive we were informed that the “at fault" accident on 11 Aug 06 would cause us to pay an increased rate. Upon hearing this accident was affecting our premium on the 16 Feb 09 I contacted USAA with the assistance of Progressive via a three way call. The USAA representative informed that the original rep would have to handle contesting their decision. Later that day, the claim rep's manager called me to inform that the fault of the accident was not the brakes because the repair shop inspected them before releasing our vehicle and couldn't find anything wrong. I informed the manager that my wife and I took our SUV to the dealership where the maintenance manager test drove the car with us and stated there most certainly was an issue with the brakes. Koon's Toyota replaced the Master Cylinder and the brake issue was resolved.

    The USAA manager then stated that the two instances were not related because of the inspection done by the repair shop and the assessment completed by the insurance adjuster. I informed that the failure of their people to identify a problem doesn't automatically make the issue my wife's fault.

    The USAA manager questioned why we waited so long because the incident was now outside their statute of limitations which was two (2) years. I informed that our rates had never increased for this accident until we switched insurance agencies. At this point the manager challenged the fact that our rates never went up…which they didn't.

    The USAA manager started to repeat her argument that the vehicle had been inspected and the original assessment would stand and that USAA could not and would not reverse a decision made over two years ago. I pointed out how USAA had told us that we were originally at fault because we had some use of the brakes when the accident happened even though it was associated the previous incident, then when we called back we were informed that the accident was unrelated to the previous incident with a convoluted explanation that is only valid if the master ABS cylinder went out within two days of our car was released to us.

    Upon hearing this the USAA manager said she wasn't going to reverse the decision period. I then informed I would be submitting this complaint and ended our conversation.

    USAA mislead regarding the reasoning of a claim which didn't surface until we switched insurance companies and is costing over $500 a year difference in premium.

    I was only seeking a letter stating the accident was not at fault meaning my wife wouldn't be held accountable with an increased premium due to the automobile not being repaired correctly. But were instead mislead and then accused to cover the fact that they can no longer make the change. Progressive stated they could make the change up to 35 months back and that every company is different. Do yourself a favor, choose progressive or another insurance company over USAA.

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  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2009

    I signed up with Talent BEFORE I did my research. I paid $149.99 so I could sign my daugther up for 6 months. I thought I was getting a good deal becuase I recieved an email from an "agent" saying that they would be interested in my daughter for a commerical that was being shot in my area (my daughter's pic wasnt even posted at the time, should had be alert number 1). I complained to Paypal and my bank that this company was a fraud.

    Too make a long story short, these people WILL NOT respond to any of your requests about cancellations and refunds because they dont have too! My bank (USAA) will not dispute Paypal, told me that they were untouchable. I disputed with Paypal and my claim was denied. I complained with the Better Business Buearu, still pending but Im sure that my money is gone.

    People do your research please. I feel so stupid becuase I cant even get my daughters pics to even load up on their website. SO I got screwed with no protection at all! MAN!!!

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  • Fe
      24th of Aug, 2009

    This is the most ridiculous complaint I have ever heard. How does your supposed not having use of breaks cause this wreck. They just happened to not work at that time yet they were before? And did you or did you not hit the other car? Thats your fault. IF the breaks were supposedly bad, its the repair companies fault not USAA's. You signed off on the repairs did you not...

    You dont state the year of teh vehicle or anything. The Brake ABS master cylinder was not damaged because of the last accident. You just dont understand and are mad because you have to pay for a wreck that you caused. You hit someone. DOnt slander a good company because of your ignorance. Are they perfect? Hell no, of course not. Show me a company that is. Do they and other companies make mistakes? Duh!

    If your gonna write some complaint at least have the decency to put in all the facts for those people that read this stuff w/o any common sense. Your version of the accident completely shows that you were at fault.

    Unless you pulled out of the repair shop and hit the first car you tried to stop for, it was your fault. You had a wreck. A company paid out on it yet they gave you a break and didnt charge you for it. Now you left and went elsewhere because of your ignorant anger and, shocking, you have to pay the other company. If I ran that company I'd say good ridance.

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  • Na
      26th of Apr, 2012

    I agree with you USAA is an awful company. USAA tries to tell everyone that they are a Federal Savings Bank that caters to military, former military and those who support the military. Up until recently I fully believed that this was the case. I have had USAA since I was about 16 years old, through my fathers service to our great country I was “fortunate” enough to be able to get USAA membership. Then once I joined the military I continued to use USAA. I am now out of the military, and contracting for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. I have been in Afghanistan now for 14months. I applied for a home loan through USAA and was approved immediately. I followed all of USAA’s mortgage services representative’s instructions (Sandra Tessitore). I had 45 days from the day the offer was submitted and all of my paper work was filed out, for Sandra to fill me in on any issues that might arise. Several times I emailed her with questions only to receive no reply for several days, or until I got sick of waiting for an email and called her directly. Seven days before I was supposed to close on my house Sandra notifies me that since I am a contractor, I need a letter from my company stating that they will keep me on contract for three years no matter what, and that my pay will stay the exact same ($145k a year). I asked her why it needed to remain 145K when the loan I am going for was only 220k borrowed…her answer that’s what the underwriter wants. No company can guarantee employment for three years and these conniving criminals know it. So due to USAA, and Sandra Tessitore, I am out $2, 000 dollars earnest money, the fees they charged to go through this entire process (with the extra points I bought around $600), probably around 20 hours of my times on the phone with them, oh yeah and did I forget to mention a house. USAA is not about helping military and former military get fair deals, they are all about making the quick buck and then dumping you in the trash like last weeks leftovers. If USAA would have told me these ridiculous “regulations” up front I could have had the time to go to a lender that can give loans to those who serve our country overseas and not the thieves at USAA. Once I am back in the states, able to go into reputable bank and insurance company, I will be getting rid of my USAA Performance First Savings Account, Normal Savings Account, Checking Account, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, and Credit Card. USAA will not care about this because they have thousands of members who are unaware of their crooked practices. I just hope that this review will help fellow contracts know to go through another lender and not make the mistake I did by trusting USAA.


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  • To
      25th of Jul, 2012

    First, back in 2010 when my husband was deployed, I received no less than 5 phone calls in the same day from USAA. Each time I was told that my husband would have to have a physical for the extra life insurance policy he took out. When I informed them that that would be impossible since he was deployed, they would yell and get rude with me. It was a very stressful time for me and I didn't not need or ask for that kind of harassment.

    Now, fast forward to this summer and I've been trying to slowly pay off my credit card. Times have been a bit rough since I have been out of work for a year. When I called to try and work out some payment plan with them, I was transferred from representative to representative and each time getting nothing but judgment and rude comments. And now today, I get another call from them, wondering why I'm having a hard time making payments and more harassment. I will be dropping them like a hot potato!

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