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Us Bank Trust Div / bank fraud, nondisclosure, tax fraud

1 Milwaukee, WI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 001414 765 5021

Us bank trust, in milwaukkee involed in perjury to a state judge and nondisclosure of assets in offshore locations to cover tax fraud. Family members, and trust officers in order to control assets eclared william r, justen, justin. Insane. The law office of whyte hirschboeck in milwaukee, wisconsin also involed. The trustees refuse to release documention, and past correspondence, even after trust officer, steven knox states I william r. Juten am legally in the right. Knox, also threaed william justen inwritting stating, we wish you financial harm. And refuse to pay mr. Justens mortage payments so othe family members, can take advantage of wiliam justens financial gains. They have also hidden assets in offshore countries, like liechtenstein, grand cayman, bahamas to avoid taxation and to keep him from his assets. And in order to continue there massive fraud they have created another john justen, to asure the funds hidden behind the blind trust do not go to the legal holder, william robert justen. Assets go as far back as world war wo in the country of belguim, switzerland, germany, ect, they accomplish there illegal activities, by funds to political leaders to asure the fbi, and irs do not spoil there fifty some odd years of fraud, for more written proof, contact

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