US Bank / property loss claim department

United States

I had nothing but problems getting US Bank Property Loss Claim Department to release my insurance proceeds. I had a $53, 000 insurance claim. I finally got them to release everything but about $3, 2000. The had a final inspection but they refused to release that remaining amount until my contractor and I signed the last invoice and my contractor put his waiver of lien on their letterhead. These requirements of course were not mentioned when I talked to 2 customer service representatives previously, asking exactly what I needed to provide. Their ridiculous policy requirements were burdensome on me and my contractor to the point where I just paid the contractor in full out of my own pocket. Although they had these ridiculous policy requirements in place for the documents I submitted, they were happy to accept a verbal ok from the contractor when he was paid in full.

In addition to the policy requirements, they have a horrible website where you can submit certain documents but no way to chat or talk with someone. The website is often down as well. They send you the same letters and notices multiple times. They have errors on the letters, including the wrong contact information. Their customer service reps are rude and keep you on hold for long periods of time. I will never have a mortgage with US Bank again.

Oct 23, 2018

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