US Bank / online banking technical issue leading to vendor punitive fee

San Diego, CA, United States
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September 19, 2017

I began my new customer experience on August 17th this year.

After more than 30 years, I am leaving my former bank

Several days after opening my checking and savings accounts I began to set up my online bill payments. US Bank’s interface is quite easy to understand and navigate. It’s a colorful interactive design which appeals to me.

That’s where the rapture of online banking with US Bank ends.

Immediately upon setting up each “Biller”, I had to cancel the transaction due to technical problems such as crossing Biller names with my chosen Nicknames. What’s the point of naming a Biller when it subsequently aligns with a different Nickname.

Six such transactions were cancelled that day.

Here’s where the frustration begins. My mortgage could not be stopped as it immediately became “In Process”. I verified this with tech support. I was instructed to Stop Payment which I did.

Then my Internet Service Provider Biller name appeared crossed with my Home Owner’s Insurance Biller’s nickname. I tried a couple times to redo this transaction only to be forced to cancel each.

Days later, I authorized the release of my mortgage Stop Payment Order. The payment was successfully stopped.

Unfortunately, I was not so lucky with my Internet Service Provider (ISP). Numerous calls to tech support, billing and in person visits landed me a $25 check reversal fee by my ISP.

Spectrum Communications (ISP) informed me that they submit payments 3 times before returning a customer’s check prior to assessing a $25 check reversal fee.

Explanation: I mentioned above, I cancelled my ISP payment a couple times. I received a Stop Pay Confirmation on September 7th. No US Bank support person via telephone or in person told me this would stop every form of payment! Subsequently, my check #8148 (1st check used with US Bank) was stopped; hence, the $25 check reversal fee.

Had I been informed that even a check would be stopped, I would have taken the precaution to prevent this from happening. According to Ashley Torrico, teller at my branch (Morena Branch, San Diego, CA ), my check would clear and funds would be withdrawn by my ISP, no problem if I just wait a few more days as of 9/9/17 @ 11:55 am (in branch).

I spoke to a national rep (Julius ID#: JONWOKO) via telephone call on Saturday, 9/16/17 @ 2:36 pm (PST). After much discussion, he told me to go to my branch on Monday and have my account credited $25. He assured me he took notes.

Yesterday, Monday, 9/18, I followed his instruction and met with the individual who opened our accounts, Mr. Kenneth Waines. No such offer to credit my account for $25 was in his notes.

Mr. Waines and I went a few rounds of logical reasoning about the ordeal I went through (mostly due to the sheer number of telephone calls I placed and frustration that not one individual realized the emotional anguish I was put through trying to do business with US Bank as a new customer).
Only one rep, Anju (spelling?) was frank with me that many customers had suffered a server issue which caused bill payment set-up problems.

I decided to end my meeting with Mr. Waines since it became apparent he wasn’t about to make an executive decision to reimburse me.

I went through quite a bit of trouble to change banks, set-up online payments and link my checking account to other bank accounts for funds transfer. What’s more, US Bank was chosen in part due to its proximity to my home and other locations I frequent. Therefore, I do not intend to close my accounts due to a one-time online meltdown of functionality.

Last night I re-visited the site [redacted] which I use as part of my Due Diligence effort prior to deciding on taking on new vendors. Hundreds of people have left a trail of personal misery dealing with US Bank. It all seems to boil down to people. Doesn’t it always?

My overall financial analysis of US Bank (Bauer Financial Reports among others) provided the security I require before making the move from my regional bank.

US Bank’s rating is hardly enough to hang its reputation on; its people are its strength. The handling of my issue with setting up my online bill payments was a show of weakness within your communication system.

I intend to eat my $25 check reversal fee since my local banker decided my business was not worthy of a $25 credit because as he put it, US Bank didn’t cause the fee, my ISP did. I should deal with them. As if I hadn’t already done that. To top it off, he said I should have been charged $35 for stop payment for each of my 6 online cancellations. I told him each was an online cancellation, not a traditional stop payment of a check. I stopped the online payment only to learn all attempts to pay Spectrum (aka Time Warner West) would be blocked; hence, the $25 fee.

Going forward, any US Bank surveys, and/or any requests within my circle of influence to recommend US Bank will be met with this letter to US Bank. The option to share my initial US Bank experience with [redacted] or other social media sources (in addition to will remain open. I need more time to discover how future issues, if any, are handled before joining the roster of aggrieved customers whose mistreatment by US Bank officials caused them enough pain for them to feel the need to air their misfortune to the World.

Joseph Bell
[protected] (CA only)

PS: I found this Complaint Registration Form under a "US Bank Customer Care" page apparently hosted by

Sep 19, 2017

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