US Bankbad customer service and they refuse to give me my deposit copy

Branch manager and teller never greet when customers walk in the door even if you go thru the drive thru they don't either they take for ever to deposit your money and when your done they look at you like why are u still standing there, it's like [censored] where's my deposit slip and have a great day? They refuse to give out deposit slip I don't know why they act like they don't know what your talking about I'm starting to hate this location the higher need to speak with the branch manager and train the tellers .

  • Updated by Dream21, May 29, 2018

    The moment you walk in the don't greet and customers not just me but others, I then decided to go thru the drive thru instead yet it made no difference they don't greet like other banks do, I always ask for my bank reciept after my deposit and they refuse to give it to me when they were clearly told I wanted my slip the manger and tells told me they can't go back on the system and print it out, I'm not stupid yes you can print it out. I don't understand why I can't get my copy? They look at me like I'm stupid. This is the 7 th time they do this and I hate it is there any way you can speak with the branch manager there and there employees to provide great customer service and provide us with what we want. Maybe this is why people don't bank at us bank

May 29, 2018

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