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US Airways / Rude attendants & clerks

1 Charlotte, NC, United States

My wife & I took a trip using US Airways this year for vacation booked by a travel agent at our 1st destination. We have both traveled a lot in the past but have never experienced the rudeness of the flight attendants and staff with any other airlines. I will NOT fly US Airways again even if they give me the tickets. 1st we observed not one but two flight attendants be rude to an elderly gentleman over his "bag not fitting all the way under the seat in front of him." He was very nice and trying to comply but they were rude and sarcastic. I was speechless at the time, but if I had been 10 years younger I would have probably berated this ### at minimum. If the male attendant had rebutted my verbal encounter, he would have lost some teeth for sure. 2nd US Airways canceled our connecting flight in Charlotte but never bothered to tell or help anyone to connect to another flight. After returning a half mile or so to their customer service desk, the staff their was sarcastic also, not to mention making a "personal" phone call while trying to halfway assist passengers in distress. She was no help and as I found out days later had even messed up the balance of our connections. They were dropped out of their system and I spent 2 hours repairing the damage the night before we were to leave out on the next leg of the trip. They actually ended up costing us $200 to rent a car to go one way to our next location and...never processed a refund for the portion not used. (I am working on that one presently) On part of our return portion of the trip, again in Charlotte NC, we came in on one end of the airport and had 20 minutes to go clear to the other end to make our next flight. We barely made it and our section has already boarded when the staff their made another sarcastic comment about why we were late. The truth is we were late because their previous flight ran late.
Never again US Airways. Our what I now refer to as US Scare ways. Travel at your own risk!

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