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US Airways / Horrible flight, bad flight attendants, no help

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During a US Airways Flight on July 1, 2008 from Portland to Phoenix, the flight was late coming in and late departing. No big deal there. I was in seat 11B (safety exit row), and a lady behind me had a baby about 10 or 11 months old. Shortly after takeoff, the baby filled its diaper to capacity, and everyone in the nearby rows was gagging from the smell. The mother left the child in the diaper and the kid was going crazy. I leaned back against my seat and this smelly child grabbed the top of my head and pulled my hair. Mom pulled him back, but she couldn't make him sit down (would you want to sit down in all that crap?) and while she held him, he continued to kick my seat back. Then the screaming started and added more to the kicking. The smell was overbearing and the flight attendants said nothing. Finally, the young mother asked if there were changing tables in the restrooms of the plane and she was told "No" - the attendants could have helped her in some way (to help us) but they didn't. About 45 minutes later (the captain had told us we would have a longer flight due to weather and diverting off course to avoid it), the mother decided to change the kid's diaper in her seat. Oh, what fun that was.

The flight attendants did not ask her to control her child, they did not help her to find a more suitable place where she could change her baby that wouldn't kill the rest of us, and they never checked on anybody (like me) after the kid yanked the hair out of my head twice. I spent a little over two hours sitting pretty far forward in my seat between two other very irate people.

The attendants did not do anything about the smell either, which made at least one person very sick.

Oh, and speaking of sick. When the guy next to me first got on the plane and reached for a magazine in the seat pocket in front of him, out fell a used barf bag that nobody had thrown away. Isn't that a bit of a health hazard??

I don't think I'll be using US Airways again any time soon. Zero customer service or assistance when you need it. And that was a $400.00 ticket.

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  • Cr
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    omg thats terrible im so sorry =-(

  • De
      14th of May, 2009
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    OK first of all, you obviously DO NOT have children. And if you do, I truely feel sorry for them. Because from you drama filled novel above you were apparently the type of person who is annoyed or embarrassed when children i.e. babies poop or misbehave. Which is sad, they are babies they cannot control ityou douche. Now if it were a 10 yr old yes you'd have every right to be upset but with an infant how dare you write such terrible things. Your pathetic!
    I do agree US AIRWAYS suck, and their service is terrible but perhaps you shouldn't take your "not getting laid, fat ###" attitude and have opened up the cabin door and jumped out if the smell was that terrible.
    It's people like you who should be slapped and then kicked in the face your truely a piece of ###.

  • Ri
      4th of Jul, 2009
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    ok...unfavorable travel experience..absolutely. airline to blame??? not so much.

    Yes, mommy or daddy gotta do what they gotta do to be fellow travelers. does it perhaps "suck" to travel w/ a infant or toddler? perhaps. does a dirty diaper happen. absolutely. Airline staff are not child care takers. safety 1st. accomodations 2nd. just like on a train ride, parents should educate themselves on the parameters, and adjust. I too am a parent. I have utmost understanding of being a parent, with variables outside of my control. If my daughter dirties her diaper, safety (seatbelt sign) supercedes the dirty diaper situation. I then would ring my f/a call button to ask for guidance. Traveling w/ the public overall requires patience and ettiquete, of which most dont exceute.

    The airline is not at fault. bc did the parent communicate the need of the child (dirty diaper)? doesnt sound like it. and if they smelled the scent, perhaps they were trying to not embarass the kid/parent. damned if they said anything, damned if they didnt.

    and the previously sick back not used...that is disgusting, and yes us airways should have had acceptable ground cleaning to assure this was cleaned.

    But, overall, the complaint should be against our fellow traveling public.
    1. person that threw-up in their sick bag and did not discard or disclose it to airline personnel for proper discarding.
    2. parent that should communicate their concerns for proper caring of changing their kids diaper. parents job is their childs welfare/comfort, flight attentant concern safety and service.
    3. I agree UsAir sucks, but this complaint doesnt support my opinion thereof.

    Have a great night all:)

  • Ih
      28th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I call shenanigans on this post. Every modern ariplane I've been on has at least one changing table.
    You get points for creativity though!!

  • Ih
      4th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Did you at all ever ask the flight attendant for assistance???? Something tells me you never said a word.

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