UPS Shrewsbury Retail Store / pack and ship guarantee

Shrewsbury, MA, United States

I have asked about the pack and ship guarantee service for a while and checked with the packing price compared with FedEx. However, they have never asked me about this program isn't for the UPS Account number. I ended up paying $70 for packing my products to ship to my customer who is willing to pay for the shipment but their program seems shady in this store because they used my bubble wrap and charged me money for packing. I stopped them during the packing when I came back and I wanted to measure the part of my bubble wrap that have been used it because I just bought it from the store on Sunday for 3 medium rolls. They are running business unprofessional. They should know the program better than us. I feel manipulate and when I asked whether the declare value will effect with the shipping cost, one of the staff said No until I checked with the other guy. So, I ended up paying packing for $70 and stealing some of my bubble wrap without asking first. No pack and ship guarantee because their shipment price is more than the UPS service. If you have read some of reviews, you will see someone would mention at UPS retail store they charge more money than the real regular service, it is true from my research and talked to UPS representative on the phone. Don't go there. They don't care about you. Who will hire someone for packing that cost $70?? We are just a small business. If we pay them like this, how we can live. No one will throw everything to the consumer by raising the product price. I don't know the other branch but so far I don't like the shrewsbury branch and westborough one as well. I think you should change the name of your store. You shouldn't use UPS name as they seem to be a good company and UPS delivery guys are awesome from what I've met them. They like to work and they are really nice. My hard working money $70 just bought my answer a long time ago why UPS delivery guys are totally different from the UPS(You should change the name) retail stores.

Jun 22, 2015

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