UPSpoor service

This happened in Chicago on 11-20-19 & 11-21-19. My daughter had a package to be delivered to my house on Wednesday because it needed a signature. They tried delivering the package on Tuesday when everybody was working and couldn't get a signature. They left a sheet on my door saying they were sorry they missed me and would redeliver on the next ups delivery date which was Wednesday. The driver took it upon himself to deliver it to the access point and not my address. I waited all day for them to come so that I could sign and nobody came. I had to go to the access point to pick it up. What a waste of a day. I called ups about it and all they could say is it could be redelivered on Friday or Monday when everyone would be working and couldn't get a signature. UPS has lazy drivers. Won't use ups in the future.

Nov 21, 2018

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