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UPS employees stole my UPS package. A family member shipped a brand new handbag worth $2, 600 via UPS 3 day guarantee. The package was packaged properly with the handbag wrapped in cloth, then placed in a small box. This small box was then placed in a larger box. The larger box contained styrofoam and padding. When I received the UPS package, the packing tape on the bottom part of the box looked frayed. In addition, while the top and sides of the box were taped with many layers of packing tape, the bottom of the box was only taped with one layer of packing tape. Also, the box was very very light - as if nothing was inside. I opened the box and inside was the small box. The small box was empty - only the cloth remained. Someone at UPS had opened my package en route and took out the contents. I have contacted UPS but they are being non-responsive and uncooperative. UPS just keeps on telling me that "they are sorry this happened" and that "they are looking into it". UPS should take responsibility for this because it is one of their employees that stole and committed a federal felony. I will never use UPS again and will bring an action against UPS in small claims court.

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  •   Jan 31, 2010

    If i may say, refrain from accusing anyone unless you have proof that he or she have committed a crime.
    Contat UPS and ask for a claims supervisor and request a complaint form. I'm sure you may be able to find that on . You may (also) contact your local police department and verify if you can file a stolen property report with them.
    Good luck.

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