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I live in a very large gated upscale apt community with an easily accessible management office. I received a post card from ups that they were unable to deliver my package (From the same company they have delivered from numerous times) because the apt # was left off. Ups did not bother to leave it at the management office. Instead, they said they could not re-deliver when I called them and then stated I would need to drive 10 miles to retrieve the package when the nearest ups office is less than a mile away. They offered no solution whatsoever to re-route the package back to the appropriate apartment.

Secondly, within the past 3 weeks, another ups driver supposedly left a package at my door (Unsigned for, of course) and I never saw the package. I have had the post office and fedex leave packages without incident. I have a private entrance to my apartment that is covered and not easily seen by passers-by so I doubt seriously that it was stolen. I highly suspect (But cannot prove) that the driver was looking for free christmas presents. Well, he got the package intended for my 84 yo father with milton berle and roy roger movies so.. Ha! Ha! Ha!

No more ups for me... I will tell all of the people I shop on line with that I will pay the extra cost using the post office or fedex or dhl but never ups again!

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  • Go
      Jun 05, 2009

    First of all, turn off your caps key. Secondly, the first part of your complaint is completely without merit, and you sound like a baby. There's no doubt in my mind that if UPS had left the package at the office that you'd be on here crying that they didn't check with the office to see which apartment in your "upscale" community was yours and that they were lazy because they didn't. Also, I'm sure that you would be crying because UPS left your package "with someone who wasn't you, and what if got lost, blah blah blah, how irresponsible of them."

    Finally what you refer to as a "UPS office" was probably a UPS store which isn't actually owned by UPS (it's an independent business licensed to use the UPS name and only acts as a collection point for people who want to ship their packages) and wouldn't have your package anyway. And really, I'm sure it makes you sad that you had to drive ten whole miles to get your mislabeled package, but you can finally stop crying like a child about it. Really, it's going to be ok.

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  • Eu
      Oct 13, 2010

    Dear Sir/madam
    I have a complaint with the UPS AGENT in Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands, in reference to Item #1Z7R472V669775743, we received the carton partly open and a missing Camera DCR-SX44, this is
    not the first or secont time our merchandise have being stolen. I am st satisy with the performance from
    this agent. the service is not effiecient nothing is priority about delivery.
    I am asking that you investigate the matter because we never get any reasonable response from the company.
    You can contact me at [protected]
    My name is Eustace Been

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  • Kj
      Nov 10, 2010

    My dad, a retired collage professor and very meticulous, packed up my moms silver plated tea service and sent it to me. He also put in a sterling silver pair of salt shakers, a silver cup given to me upon my baptism - I was a Catholic baby, and a box with a shot glass in it that he brought back with him from Dublin Ireland.
    When I opened the box the tea service was intact, however the salt shakers, baby cup and shot glass were gone. There is some small evidence of tampering…. I am livid and I intend to fight this as far as I can…. I say lets all unite.

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  • Cj
      Apr 30, 2014

    My fiance and I just received our thousand plus dollar ASUS laptop shipment we ordered two days ago via Amazon Prime, the only problem was that there was no laptop in the box when we opened it. It was dropped at 6:15 PM on our front doorstep in San Antonio, TX, we knew because the Chihuahua started barking. The driver was gone when the box was taken in a few minutes later. No bother on the part of Amazon to require a signature from the recipient (one would think that would be standard for such a high value item). The outside packaging looked fine. The shipping stated 6 lbs, however, it was about 5 lbs short of that. I opened the shipping box from the bottom. The inside manufacturer box had a rip on its side. The laptop was gone but the accessories were left behind. Upon closer inspection I found that the clear packing tape on the top of the box had been cut open and then carefully re-taped. I don't know why Amazon wouldn't ship expensive items with their tamper evident logo tape. Very disappointed in Amazon and UPS. Waiting to see if Amazon will refund for the missing item.

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