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Good Afternoon
In this mail I would like to complain for you regarding UPS Bahrain management
I was working with Ups for the last six month from June 2014 to December 2014, before joining Ups i was a customs clearance in TNT, I was very happy when joined your company, but when joined there was alot of problem in the operation team, coz of the management, and I have done my best to cover these problem, in my all carrier in jobs I never saw a bad management same as UPS, first thing I never saw an operation manager working 99% in the hub area and never set down in his office to check his mails or finding out solutions for the problems, second thing the country manager don't know anything about operation and what is going on, third he don't want to listen to our issues, and more and more
I have resign from the company on first of December all that coz of the bad management I saw it, and coz of bad scheduling for the staff,
1- how come I'm as a married man and have three child to be schedule for more than one month in night shift?
2- how come a big company same as UPS don't have enough staff to cover, specially we in clearance team ( only tow), and when one of us sick or other reason can't come to duty the other will be in tent ion to work double shift.
3- from June the day I start working until my last day my clearance license was still on TNT name, how many time I inform my manager about this and he was saying this is not my job. and customs management inform me that i'm working against the rules and I should be stopped
4- all the staff there are upset coz of this management, and no need from me to say this you can your self to check it.
5- I have asked a loyar about this and he told me that it was good from me to stop working coz when the company has offer me to work as clearance it's there job to change my licence and not to start any clearing job untill i will be legal.
6- Ups in Bahrain don't have any labor to work, they are bringing a free visa labor from outside to work, and this point is against the rules here in Bahrain.
7- coz. of this bad management I left UPS, I like to work but if the management are not listening to our ideas and to our suggestion how need people to work in good and happy.
so sir please forgive me if I say anything wrong but I was feeling bad coz of such a big company and has a bad management.
Dear sir
I hope you will repply to me if possible, I'm writing this now coz of so many staff in ups need your support as per there request who are still there working, they need your help.

Jan 05, 2015

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