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University of Phoenix / fraud

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The University of Phoenix is a huge scam meant to con people into taking worthless classes while they take your money. They need to be stopped. If you have been victimized by them as I have, please e-mail me. I am trying to get a class-action suit together to sue the University of Phoenix for their fraudulent activities.

Pauline De La Garza

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  • Pa
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    The University of Phoenix conned me into taking classes that are absolutely worthless for my intended career. They then dropped me from my classes and told me that I owed them $400 for two weeks of classes. They are frauds and con-artists and need to be stopped. I have seen almost 500 complaints against them and am in awe that they are allowed to continue this predatory practice unchecked. I have reported them to the BBB and have consulted an attorney. I want to start a class-action lawsuit against them. I need every victim of the University of Phoenix to come forward and join me to put and end to their bait and switch con. Please e-mail me if you have been victimized by them.
    Together we can stop them!

    Pauline De La Garza

  • Ke
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree the University of Phoenix appears to be a "For Profit" business rather than concerned about academic issues. Their reported seven percent graduation rate, which is well below academic averages of fifty percent, is troublesome. My own experience shows they have no accommodation for anything such as cancer. In my case, I endured cancer that caused me to lose energy to the point I was too tired after working 12 hrs a day, 7 days a week, in Iraq to keep up my studies. I found out about the cancer and was denied an incomplete and given an "F." Prior to my operable cancer, I had a very high GPA never getting less than an A- and was surprised to learn I am now on academic probation because of the last grade. I advise anyone considering attending the University of Phoenix to think twice.
    Anyone interested in a lawsuit or congressional hearing against the University of Phoenix should contact me as soon as possible.

    Ken Richards
    MBA Student UoP

  • Sc
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    What lawyer did you obtain? I just failed a math class that I should have not been put into in the first place. It was an algebra class. i have not had algebra in years and failed that last one that I took. At a four year college they would have noticed this and put me in a pre-algebra class. My mistake for not checking the course out better. I started asking for help immediately to no avail from the instructor and academic counselor. I just lost $1000

    I have financial aide which is supposed to be used for living expenses as well as college. They will not give me the money. In january they should have deducted all classes and then sent me the remaining money. They say now since I failed this last class that they are going to withhold the money until the next class is done. I will join you if you feel I can.

    How do I get a hold of you?

  • Ky
      24th of Apr, 2009
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    I had a similar situation when I needed to take a leave of absence. I took the max allowable number of days and submitted my LOA form with the return date I was told to use. I later found out it was an incorrect date and I was asked to submit a new form. I did so with the correct date and was THEN told that time for an approved LOA had run out, therefore I owed money to pay back the federal aid UoP had sent back. My academic counselor told me they could just do a recovery of funds and not to worry about it. She basically said the finance counselors (including their manager!!) were a bunch of newbies who didn't really know what they were talking about. So I started back once my LOA was over and toward the end of that class, I got an email saying I needed to pay out of pocket for the next class. I knew that was coming but I wound up not being able to pay for it. Worst case scenario, I was told, was that my class would be delayed. Some time later, I made the decision to put school on hold until my son starts school a couple years from now. I asked for a withdrawal form and my finance counselor responded by informing me I had a balance of almost $2700. I asked him what that was for and he didn't respond. This was in March. Yesterday, he emailed me asking me to re-fax my corrected LOA form. This is the second time he has lost correspondence. He also lost the original LOA. He told me my balance was due to the fact that the funds recovery process had stopped because I wasn't in class. As I said above, I was told at worst that my next class would be delayed. I was told absolutely nothing like "if you don't enroll in this next class, the process will stop and you'll owe nearly $3000." I told him I may still have it but also told him in no uncertain terms that I refuse to pay a dime to pay for his lack of communication skills. I also told him I would retain legal counsel if need be. He simply responded by saying he would "make a note of it" and begin the collections process. No ownership whatsoever. Count me in!!

    Kyndra Buitenhuis

  • Ty
      13th of Jun, 2009
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    Coffman it sounds like you failed a class. I too know that feeling. However, a failed classes at any school goes against the requirements of Financial Aid. Financial Aid is a privilege. Take accountability and realize “you” failed the class. Retake the failed class, and FINSH YOUR DEGREE.

    Kyndra it sounds like you got a burn out. I notice that after you took a LOA you decided to not get back into school until your son starts college. umm... Stop procastinating and FINSH YOUR DEGREE. Set that foundation for your son.

    Sorry if i sounded rude, but this is college. What did u expect?

    Do you two even really want a college education? Instead of talking about money, maybe you two should remind yourself the benefits a college education provides.

  • Je
      29th of Oct, 2018
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    @tyler789 And by your response, what benefit from a college education did you receive? It is so funny how people with PISS POOR grammar skills want to dis other's experiences with college/higher education.

  • Da
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    I originally started UOP in Late December of 2008, ever since then I have been dragged around by enrollment counselors as well as academic "advisors" and financial aid "advisors."

    My first BIG problem was in my Critical thinking class last block. In week 4 I received an e-mail from the instructor stating I had plagiarized a discussion question. This discussion questions was 10 points and I had a 98% in the class. I still called my academic advisor, everyday for 6 days and emailed her before even receiving a response. After she finally got in touch with me I was told I had to appeal to the board of academic affairs once I had received my letter. I did and did not hear anything back until I had called numerous people for many weeks. They told me they were standing by the teachers decision, and would not give me any proof of what I had done, or tell me what I had copied. Nothing I could do, by the end of the class I received a 97.61% as a final grade, but my participation points as well as discussion questions points were taken away which added up to 30 points. Being a A student with a 3.5 GPA this whole situation just astonished me.

    Monday June 16, 2009 I called my academic counselor saying I wanted to withdrawal; she then 3-wayed my financial aid advisor and we had talked. Both of which were very rude, in the end I backed out of filing the paperwork because they both told me if I withdrew I would receive a penalty from Wells Fargo (Student Loan Lender) for not completing the 24 credits through UOP. They also stated they could not tell me how much this penalty would be and that I would not know until the whole withdraw process was already completed but it could be anywhere from $20 to $1, 200.

    Today, Wednesday the 18Th I called Wells Fargo and was told there is no withdrawal fee from them and the withdrawal fee from Wells Fargo as a lender and that the fee must be from University of Phoenix.

    Needless to say, I will be withdrawing and if there is a fee from UOP I will not be paying it.
    They do not teach you ANYTHING. The instructors do not respond within the 24 hour said limit. Also, if you attend there good luck on getting a hold of anyone, it seems like all they do is transfer you to other workers voice-mails!

    **Most of there classes are not transferable! Talk about wasting over $7, 000.

  • Da
      17th of Jun, 2009
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    Sorry today's date is wednesday the 17th.

  • Ch
      18th of Jun, 2009
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    I too have just discovered that the University of Phoenix is taking people for their money--federal financial aid money. I have not withdrawn yet but I will. I am afraid what this will do to my finacial aid standing. I have only been in class for 2 months and have taken one class for $720.00 and am in the second one. The other two I was forced to take were not for "credit". when I asked my financial aid I was told not to get "stuck" on the chart she sent me because charges always varied! I asked why I only received $311 instead of the $560 that the chart showed I was to receive the first round of "credits". I also asked if they had a place on their website like state universities where I could ckeck my financial aid. Of course, they don't. My dispute is only questioning $249. but if they take $249 from 49, 000 people who are enrolled, they are bringing in $12 million dollars! I don't know what to do about my loan at the bank where I got my financial aid. Is anyone doing anything about the University of Phonex fraudualent practices?

  • La
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    I have been with Univesity of Phoenix for 2 years now I am trying to get my associates degree They have keep my pell grants twice saying that it ran into the next year but in my account it was posted a distrubation date and they never sent it they kept them also put me in math classes that I should of been innever been .they dropped from anothe rclass claming I did not post when I clearly did all my assignments all my check in but two never sent me a warning So I know owe them 975 for that class and 975 for a math class and now once agin I am suppose to get a pell grant and I am not getting that It is the principle we are not in for the money but it are money not theres . We take out theses loans and have to pay them back If you can help let me know

  • Ja
      12th of Jul, 2009
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    If you are a student or an employee of UOP and you feel you have been treated unfairly, or even discriminated against please email me at with a discription of what happened to you. Please also include the campus the incident occured. A class action suite against the university is being put together. Please only email if you are serious.

  • Ma
      19th of Sep, 2009
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    Everyone always has complaints against this or that.. The fact is UOP is very intense they offer shorter classes, and its just as expensive as other online courses.. Some people are not meant to attend college online, they dont have the time, dedication or whatever the reason.

    I was one of them I attented UOP years ago, but I didnt have the resources, time, or energy to complete the intense online courses. so I dropped out. I did'nt have any issues with refunds, financial aid, or such.. The thng with these type of boards, is that you really dont know both sides of the story and the complete situation

    Well, after many years I have decided to attend UOP again, I was happy to see that this time, their is an office close to me, I can vist any time, I know their will be issues, arent their always issues when you work hard to accomplish something in life

    but through the issues I am determined to get my BA .. what I dont understand is why people pay thousands of dollars to get an A.A when you can go to your local junior college with online courses, for pennies, , I think that some people have a very difficult time attending college, and they need some one to stand over them constantly and to do the work for them.. well guess what college doesnt work that way.. I know I will feel fustration, get mad, get angry, face issues, but in the end I will obtain my B.A from an accredited school, that emplyers do NOTICE>.as far as the woman with the issues who is attending OK .. college, who and what is that.., lol

  • Je
      29th of Oct, 2018
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    @Mad123 College did not help your grammar though, so money wasted.. Point proven.

  • Wi
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    I have been a student since october 26th and I have been having the most miserable time so far. The school seams to be fun, but I have not seen a dime as far as grants or financial aid. I have been too two colleges and I have always gotton money asp. I have been having to use my daughters child support to pay for the internet and all my supplies. So as far as I am concerned I would not even give this school a referral. And I don't even drink or smoke or use any kind of drugs, But I know someone who uses her school money for drugs, just makes ya wonder what kind of school this is. so far I do not think very highly of this school.

  • Co
      4th of Dec, 2009
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    I have to say that this is the most ridiculous complaint. First of all...Who goes to college to wait on money left over from Pell Grants or student loans? You are supposed to be there to learn and get an education. I am looking into this school and feel that it is a good alternative to a full time college. I also have many friends that have received their BA and MBA from this school and are incredibly happy. On the other hand, if you need to use your daughter's child support than maybe you should wait until you have a job to continue. That is pretty sad and the comment sounds pretty immature.

  • Je
      29th of Oct, 2018
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    @collegebound09 The government does not dictate how a parent uses child support. So if that meant using it to obtain an higher education so that you would not need to depend on it is as immature as your response was. Several low income students live off of their Pell grants and or student loans.

  • Ca
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    They are way out of line when it comes to Financial aid and the return of funds.

  • Ga
      13th of Dec, 2009
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    Well if someone is using thier own financial aid and grant money for drugs that is thier problem and not the schools fault. I have been a student of the UOP for 2 years now and will have my associates in 3 months. I have not ever had a problem and I paln on continuing with my Bachelors. I have all so learend a great deal of knowledge from the instructors. You learn as much as you put into it. Online doesnot mean 1 hour a day!!!
    I hear a lot of whinning and crying, but no eveidence to back any of it up. Sounds like everyone wants thier money ASAP and if they dont get it they talk crap !!! Be pateint there is a process that everything has to go thru. The ones that are desprate for funding and are talking crap might have a drug problem !!!
    GET EDUCATED and then you will understand how things work in the real world.

  • Da
      26th of Jan, 2010
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    I am currently having issues with the UOP regarding my degree. I clearly stated my goal of obtaining a BSED/E in 2007 when I became a student. I first needed to pursue my Associate's Degree. My enrollment counselor assured me that I was on my way to becoming the elementary teacher I always wanted to be. 11 credits from a previous college I attended (with a major in elementary education) 10 years prior was applied to the 60 needed through UoP. I received my Associate's from the UoP in Nov, 2009, and just began my BSED/E program in Jan, 2010. I recently was informed by my academic counselor that 24 of my 60 credits from my Associate's program will not transfer. Apparently, I was enrolled in an AAPE program rather than the AAEE program that was necessary for a smooth transition to the correct BS program. I now owe $20, 000 for classes I never needed, and have put forth a year of "extra" schoolwork, studying, and time away from my three children that I can never reclaim. Thanks, UoP. apparently money means more to you than the lives of those who pay you. If I have any chance of successfully suing this school in any of your class-action suits, please let me know. I'm in.

    Amber Farnot

  • Ja
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    In the early fall of 2009 I enrolled at the University of Phoenix via a enrollment counselor in Orange Park, Florida. Her name is Diane. She was all about "helping" me enroll.She even gave me her home telephone number to complete the enrollment. With her "help" she more or less told me what to do on the computer to enroll me in my first class and "helped" me with my financial aid. She rushed me through everything.
    Anyway long story short I paid for and finished my first class from my financial aid. The cost for one class and e books? $ 1, 675.00 USD !!!
    I called Sallie Mae and told them that this was a rip off and they told me since I already had my financial aid money I could use it at another school.So, I did.
    Now I am being billed by UOP ($4, 600.00 ) for classes i did not attend. I did drop from the the school. Now they are threatening collections. I am having to retain an attorney to deal with this so called University. Do not waste your time or money with UOP!!!

  • Co
      5th of Mar, 2010
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    I don't entirely agree with the above but I do say UoP use "bait & switch" tactics to sign you up.

    I had credits that needed to be transferred in and kept asking them for two months to verify everything with transcripts I had. My enroller showed it to their transfer guru and came back with an answer that worked for me. My out of pocket expense was to be around $600 every 15 weeks or so. On the 5th week of my first class I was told my OOP was to be $1500, something I am unable to pay. I had been very insistent to know my OOP before signing and was assured that the $600 was reliable. Now I owe $1675 for completeing my first class and because I am not willing to continue have no student loan to help out.

    They asked me to get a personal loan to cover the additional expenses. I told them I had already calculated out my payments I could afford and signed based on their intial assessment. To me this is no different than making a deal with a car salesman and when walking into the finance office finding out the salesman was wrong. The only difference is that I have the option of walking away with nothing lost except my time. UoP has taken my time and my money!

    I have emailed the campus director only to be told he was out of country when I wrote. I received a phone call from him once he returned but was unable to answer when he called. I returned the call within 20 mins but got his voice mail. I left a message for him to get back in touch with me and have not heard anything back. I understand his time is valuable and all but so is mine. I can't just sit around calling everyday in the hopes the director isn't to busy on the day I call so I would hope he'd call back. I've sent a second email to him. If I get any response I will post back here later.

  • Kr
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    I am disputing this amount due on my account. I have sent this letter to over 5 people, and hoping you will get it as well. I am disputing this because I stopped attending classes based on I was lied to by my enrollment counselor and felt pressured into taking classes here at UofP. Lyn Hatton sent a letter in response to my complaint filled with AZ BBB, and I never contacted UofP, they came after me. In February 2007 Valissa Armistead had been calling me 2-3 times a month. I believe that I met her at a college fair we had at where I work. Yes, the dates and times in her letter are correct, but she is wording it as if I made contacts. Either or I made the choice to attend, but not until June…if I was so EAGER to get in, don’t you think I would of in Feb. Also, I SENT THEM my transcripts from each college. They did not request them. I have the fax cover sheets and verifications of time and date sent. This is where I am very upset. I felt rushed into attending and had concerns about taking an online class, I explained to Valissa that I plan on using the degree to go to St. Mary’s Hospital, from there I was going to work at the Job Corps in Cassadagga New York. I just found out though if I did get the degree from UofP that it would not be good in New York, they will not recognize it. This was verified through our HR department. Your accreditation also lacks what I am required to have through my work, I need the University to have AACSB accreditation for when I would complete my masters. This was told to Valissa as well, but she went ahead and enrolled me without saying a thing. My boss was very upset because she told me that my degree would not be valid where I would be working NOW. Also, regarding title IV financial aide. I talked to Wachovia and they said that University of Phoenix includes other funds in this money as student living expenses. They stated only $550 has been returned to them out of the $3237 dispersed. So, I am confused at how UofP puts living expenses into my financial aide when I am living in my own apt, paying my own rent and not even going to your college. Also, I have a very close friend who works at your Grand Rapids location who states that it is University of Phoenix policy to hold the funding in accounts until the person has completed the first few weeks of class. This allows them to send the money back if the student does not complete the class without reporting anything to the lender. The student is then in debt to UOP collections and not to the lender. Not to mention, FA doesn't pay for dropped or failed courses. What of the money in the holding tanks for months at a time. Hmmmm. Well, when you have over 100, 000 students, 80% of which use FA in the sum of roughly 15K per year, they are basically counting that money as income for the organization even though technically it does not belong to them yet. Oh just to remind you MY money still has not been sent back to is gaining interest in U of P account until I pay. Regarding Mr. Harmon contacting me by phone and email on August 18-29 and on July 1, 2008, are also false. I received one letter and email, which I still have. Also, I was not happy with the classes. I did not receive feedback from the Instructors. One instructor did not even come to class for a whole week. I asked that I not be part of a learning team as I wanted to do the research on my own. I was told I HAD TO DO THIS. Also, the AMOPS manipulation process Valissa used to get me enrolled did work. I have been forced to seek a lawyer about this since no one sees that what UofP has done is wrong. I have taken classes from other University’s and switched, without this trouble, which leads me to believe that there is some fraud being committed on your end (not you personally), but I am having my lawyer pull Valissa Armisteads financial and payroll records to see exactly what she is earning for her enrollments. I have filed complaints with:
    Federal Trade Commission
    Consumer Reports
    BBB of AZ
    MI and AZ higher Education
    Attorney General
    Office of ombudsman
    I truly am not looking to get any money out of this, and education, which I did not. I feel that your company used me and many others. I will talk only and directly to you, and I will be civil. But, I want ALL of the money returned to Wachovia, you can have your grades and credits back, since I will not be able to use them at any of the University’s I attended, or want to attend. Davenport and GVSU said they will not transfer them, in fact Davenport called them FLUFF and a waste of money. This is the worse experience I HAVE EVER HAD!
    Thank you,
    Ken Rogers

  • Uo
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    Will any lawyer represent honest citizens who were mislead and taken advantage of by the University of Phoenix????

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