AIESEC International Complaints & Reviews

AIESEC International / being given instructions that led me to being jobless and homeless and broke in india

Sep 19, 2019

I'm a Moroccan (Casablanca city) who came to India for my first experience with aiesec to start an Internship In a village called sangrur. The school said they will provide a covered accommodation, 3 meals per day and 20k rupees per month. They didn't respect this + many other unacceptable...

AIESEC International / aiesec internship certificates

Sep 09, 2019

I volunteered for aiesec turkey denizli programme. It has been more then a month and our certificates are still pending. A certificate is a proof that we took part in a programme and is a great thing to be included in the resume and one of the main reasons to take part in the programme...

AIESEC International / internship

Sep 07, 2019

AIESEC InternationalTo AIESEC international I was accepted for an opportunity at AIESEC AAST in Cairo in March 2019, everything was okay uptill I arrived in Egypt. Accommodation was different than the pictures which were sent by LC to me ayesha resolved that matter so it's okay I was supposed to do an ...

AIESEC International / my internship certificate

Aug 31, 2019

I have done an internship in India and they didn't give me my certificate that I traveled for 6 months because of it . They don't even answer me both India and Egypt . When I was in India they told me that there was a problem with the website so they can not generate my certificate . More...

AIESEC International / unethical behavior

Aug 17, 2019

AIESEC InternationalApril/May 2019: I applied for a volunteer position in Colombia. The description was to work with women who were victims of violence, single mothers, or young pregnant women. May/June 2019: My Ibagué contact, Camila, assures me that I do not need a visa. I complete my payment and insurance. We...

[Resolved] AIESEC International / aiesec behavior regarding my situation was abusive and unpopular

Aug 17, 2019

I would like to deposit a complaint against Jessica Laus and Eric Min for the harassment that I've been subject. Since my sponsor company was not able to continue my intership I've asked Eric Min if it's possible to transfer my j1 visa to another company his answer was no which was not...

AIESEC International / improper treatment of my application and unacceptable behaviour

Aug 14, 2019

My name is Cherifa Abdou, an Egyptian student at Cairo University and submitted my application to join AIESEC and was interviewed on Tuesday, 30th of JUly 2019 at AIESEC office for Cairo University after passing an interview over the phone on Monday, 29th of July, 2019 and I was advised...

AIESEC International / unprofessional and misleading behaviour from aiesec ceske budejovice volunteer coordinator

Jul 21, 2019

Good day, My name is Prince Fara-Farai Awindor. I am a University student from Ghana and I applied to the AIESEC project, Edison- Breaking Cultural Barriers in Ceske Budejovice in the Czech Republic for the period of 6 weeks. I was accepted for the project on 16th April 2019. After...

AIESEC International / not professional and poor service

Jul 10, 2019

My Vp is Deeya from Chennai..I applied for intern for Uk .deeya and team members contacted me gave up different options because they saidUk is impossible..I applied for turkey there was huge problems no cover letter anything was late I applied my visa may 17 whereas I hv start my intern...

AIESEC International / internship with aiesec surat

Jul 09, 2019

AIESEC InternationalHi Ashtoush, Here we, me, Mohammed, Abdulla, Youssef and Coung, are writing the email you required. We contacted our countries' Aiesec department to rectify your negligence in solving our problems, which you were perfectly aware of regardless of the absence of formal emails like the one...

AIESEC International / aiesec chandigarh india

Jul 06, 2019

AIESEC InternationalHello. First of all this people are very unprofessional . Infact, I got accepted in one opportunity starting 15th of june for teaching english in chandigarh than they made it 1st of july for teaching french in kharar. Before that, they gave me the invitation letter with an adress in...

AIESEC International / dishonesty, faulty communication, emotional harassment, unethical and unprofessional behaviour

Jul 06, 2019

I got connected to Aiesec maastricht in Feb 2018, then i applied for a position in Aiesec germany. EP manager from Maastricht insisted me to make payment as soon as possible. She said she has blocked a seat for me in Aiesec germany and she has to get money of 324 euros ( 299 euros plus 25...

AIESEC International / Project issues

Jul 02, 2019

I have suffered more than 20 days here in Egypt without any project. Because they said that my project is not possible at that point of time. Also I request him to atleast give some other work so that I don't waste my time doing nothing. The other projects were really bad too and now they...

AIESEC International / misleading, dishonest and unethical behaviour

Jun 22, 2019

A friend and I are both English teachers who work with a Cambridge school in Morocco. We applied for a volunteering project in Adana. My manager in Aiesec Marrakech didn't help with anything. She didn't offer information until I kept asking. She didn't tell me anything about the OPS. We...

AIESEC International / my ep manager

Jun 09, 2019

I have applied for Aiesec in Turkey from Pakistan and I am facing huge management issue, to the point that I feel like I will not be able to go since nobody is willing to help me. I got accepted in a program in Turkey at 7th of May, and was waiting for my EP manager to get my the...

AIESEC International / aiesec in algeria

May 29, 2019

AIESEC have changed my life I ve been to two exchange programs and I was a member here in Algeria for over a year than due to my busy schedule and studies I stopped going to meetings and I didn't have time to put my renseigation, after few months I received a dissmissel email and the...

AIESEC International / not helping me change my accommodation

May 25, 2019

AIESEC InternationalSo as the aisec team back there in chennai, india (my guide mudit mundoth and diya mirpuri) said me the how the place is gonna be in egypt and I even gave them clear instructions of my likes and dislikes!! They really said they will take care of it as much possible!! They said the place i...

AIESEC International / aiesec istanbul, never honest

May 08, 2019

I have a compulsory internship at my university, therefore I met Aiesec members to talk about global entrepreneurship in Istanbul, the Aiesec consultant of Istanbul, told me that I will receive all the necessary documents for my internship that necessary for my university, also, there will...

AIESEC in Estonia / not approaching seriously to an accepted candidate

Feb 21, 2019

AIESEC in EstoniaHi there, My application recently been accepted from AIESEC Estonia, however since 5 weeks they didnt inform me anything for the next steps and the worst is they don't reply to my e mails. Therefore, as an accepted candidate my revolt is growing day by day, so I want to ask you kindly...

AIESEC International / unethical behaviour

Jan 01, 2019

Hi I'm a AIESEC'ER from AIESEC in Malaysia and a student from University Malaysia Perlis. I'm currently studying environmental engineering 2nd year student. I feel that I don't really have part in this organization because of the people who run in my local committee. I feel that they are...

[Resolved] AIESEC International / sales manager at promo republic-aiesec kyiv-ukraine

Dec 06, 2018

Hi there, Hope you are doing fine, at 9th of November I got job interview for the above mentioned position, they accepted my application and they informed that it will be held within next days. However, since 3 weeks I didn't hear anything from them, really unsympathetic approach by...

AIESEC International / manager oujda/morocco

Oct 27, 2018

AIESEC InternationalSo this is the hard truth that i'm about to say, now my manager of oujda/morocco called 'jihad fouakhri' is pure rude direspectful person I ever seen, I was looking for some opportunities on aiesec and when I got accepted I couldn't sign the contract because the apointment to apply for my...

AIESEC International / terrible communication

Sep 03, 2018

AIESEC InternationalI was on a volunteer exchange in Mexico city. my program was supposed to last from July 2nd until August 13th, 2018(according to the project page on Aiesec website). My program ended on August 3rd. (only 5 weeks). The communication with the Mexico city office was absolutely terrible. I...

AIESEC International / accomodation

Jul 27, 2018

AIESEC InternationalI'm on exchange program with AIESEC Antalya, Turkey. The people of my ocp team are one of the nicest OCP I have ever met. The problem is that my ocp first told me that they would find a host for me and they asked me for 3 days time. I was living with one of the OC team member's home . Then they...

AIESEC International / racism, disrespectful, payment not received

Jul 14, 2018

AIESEC InternationalI should have worked in krakow city center between 20.01.2018-17.04.2018, before i applied members who work in krokow aiesec sai̇d to me that i was going to work in krakow city center and i accepted this project.When i arrived to krakow they said that they could not find a school which i could...

AIESEC International / aiesec alexandria

Jul 14, 2018

There are sexual involvement and sexual relationships between egyptian guys in AIESEC alexandria and girls from colombia, turkey and tunis and this is the main cause why egyptian guys participate in aiesec and not for the society service as it's known.where they go to the north coast...

AIESEC International / thugs

Jul 09, 2018

I used to be an aiesecer helwan egypt lc but yesterday I left because they assault me physical And hired thugs to rob my money and To kill me. Why I used to be a teamster in rns team The new coordinator is called mostafa essam He was saying bad word like "I will [censored] you" "I...

AIESEC International / canceled internship without any notice

Jun 08, 2018

Dear all, In February 2018, I signed a contract with AIESEC Ukraine ( for a Global talent program, paying the fee to organization in an amount of 4000UAH. The employment (internship) contract was also signed with the hosting organization in China, Yintagn city (Best Baby...

AIESEC International / aiesec kocaeli

May 11, 2018

AIESEC InternationalThere's lack of help from Aiesec Kocaeli managers. They can't even communicate in good English. We EP's paid a lot for this internship, yet, AIESEC don't work their butts off. They work slowly even for legal matters like residence permit. They talk to the government...

AIESEC International / aiesec aast cairo egypt

May 09, 2018

Dear Sir/ Madam I'm a prospective candidate for this summer's exchange program. At my interview I tried to obtain all information before I accept the opportunity there but they promised me to provide it in few days but its almost month now and next month my opportunity starts. I have no...

AIESEC International / internship opportunity

Mar 19, 2018

Hello. My name is Khrystyna Bodnaruk. I was an AIESEC intern in Kanya Gurukul in Kurukshetra, India in 2017. Lots of things had gone wrong and conditions of my internship had been changed by the administration of the school so that I left after working there for 2, 5 months. I got sick and...

AIESEC International / sesame street english lies

Mar 13, 2018

This Chinese school, along with many others that have opportunities available on the Aiesec website, lie to people that it is ok and legal to come to China with anything else but a work visa. They told me that an M/F visa would do just fine and always avoided giving me any further information on...

AIESEC International / mistreatment in an refund issue

Dec 22, 2017

AIESEC InternationalTo whom it may concern, My name is Guanghui Ma, a student in University of Melbourne. I am here to complain the extremely unhappy experience I have with AIESIC Melbourne and AIESIC Australia. The occurrences that ensued are as follows (I can provide evidence via messages on my phone if...

AIESEC International / aiesec international / complaining about irresponsibility and lack of communication

Dec 21, 2017

I came as a EP for an internship as an English teacher in Istanbul Turkey, it's been two weeks now and i haven't been given any work description, no working hours schedule and whenever i ask the responsible at the school he says that they will let me know later and all i have to do is just...

AIESEC International / disorganization and lack of information

Sep 13, 2017

I arrived in Casablanca two weeks ago and I was suppose to start working at a particular NGO that I applied for. Since I arrived I keep asking questions of Aiesec managers and I was never informed with a concrete answer. I never knew when and how to start working. Then my questions and...

AIESEC International / volunteer in india jalandhar

Aug 20, 2017

My name is ahmad I'm volunteer in a project of microfinance i've being here for more than one week without any accommodation or without starting my opportunity i'm having a real bad experience with aiesec jalandhar and I want to have any kind of support please contact me as soon a...

AIESEC International / mistreatment from the vp

Aug 05, 2017

I am a middle manager in AIESEC GUC EGYPT. I was mistreated by my VP, for q1q2 he kept promising things like caring about people and interns while nothing from his promises were done instead he mistreated me when i tried to express myself and complain .The EB could not care less about my...

AIESEC International / adene project in perak malaysia

Jul 19, 2017

My project was supposed to begin on the 2nd of july of this year, I reached 5 days late and it was their fault, and till now I haven't started the project yet, as for the accommodation I am staying in the utp as a temporary situation - in spite that the invitation letter says that we...

AIESEC's International / internship

Jun 24, 2017

AIESEC's InternationalHello, I'm an Egyptian and hopefully will travel in two weeks to India. When I was talking to the people there they said there is no kitchen in our accommodation and that's a huge problem, however, I talked to my manager here in Egypt and he said he would solve this problem. Surprisingly...

AIESEC's International / complaining about my internship at global entrepreneur program in 6th of october egypt

Jun 06, 2017

AIESEC's InternationalHii My name is Mohd Noman Khan from New Delhi India, I came in Egypt for GE on 22nd of May 2017 under the Lc 6th of October Cairo Egypt. I would like to file a report of fraud as I have been here for 16 days and they haven't provided me the internship yet, they asked me for 100 USD which...