United Parcel Shipping / lost package claim

Simpsonville, SC, United States
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I shipped a package from MD to SC with a used laptop that was like a new computer to my Grandson. I originally purchase the HP Mini from Verizon on their 2 year plan and it only cost 200., so I insured it for $200. This would not be possible to replace for that amount, but I am honest and have documentation for that order. The package was tracked delivered at the door of my recipient and I notified her to look outside. The recipient was home and said she had not seen UPS and no package was delivered. I opened a claim and UPS went through their process and I fax documents that proved what I was claiming. After a week and a half, I am told that their policy is not to issue a claim if the package is released. So I have to go by the UPS driver's word that he delivered the package to the right address and loose out on what I had to spend to replace this computer that was a gift to my grandson. Another incident occured in MD and the UPS driver scanned a delivery to my resident on the wrong tracking number and insisted that I was keeping the wrong package. I was what I ordered and the package showed up in PA. So drivers make mistakes, but the consumer suffers. I will not use UPS again.


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