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P Nov 29, 2017

My complaint is about a UPS Driver who delivered my package and my grandmother's package last night 11/28/17 in Birnamwood, WI. My grandmother was home alone when he/she delivered the packages. She heard the door bell ring and so she went to the door and nobody was there. Then she saw a flashlight outside and didn't see a vehicle so she got scared and didn't answer the door. In my grandparents house they have a little indoor walkway between their front door and outside. Instead of putting the packages in the little walkway like delivery people usually do they left the packages outside and they were BLOWN across the road into the ditch. My grandfather found them this morning. We are lucky they didn't get blown on the highway, as they live right off highway 45, or that anybody didn't steal them! I'm very upset about this! I wish I had the drivers number and license plate because this is ridiculous!

United Parcel Service [UPS]

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