United Parcel Service [UPS] / unethical and incorrect information by your clearance staff

Bangalore, IN

Tracking No. 1z5952776759152636 sent by Customer in USA and contents being mutilated garment samples. Per Govt of India Notifications, being registered exporters, we are permitted duty-free imports of such samples. Gave pre-alert thru your website to yr Customer service, alerting them for dutyfree clearance and advising them to take whatever supporting documents required from us. First response from [protected] on 7 Nov 17, just circular giving details of UPS services; no documents asked for. Second response from
Roney Rojario, UPS Customer Support 8th Nov 17 advising package still not recd in India - once again, no documents asked for. Third response over telephone on 13 Nov stating list of documents required. All docs e-mailed 13 Nov, duly acknowledged by NETHRA N UPS-BLR 080-[protected]. WHY DID THEY WAIT FOR ONE WEEK TO GET OUR DOCUMENTS THEREBY DELAYING THE DELIVERY? I once again reminded them package must be cleared duty free. Surprisingly, MADHAN.U, UPS JET AIR EXPRESS conveyed to us that shipment has to be cleared upon payment of Duty ONLY. I once again asserted, giving reference to the Notification number of Govt. of India whereby dutyfree clearance permitted. Only THEN the package was cleared dutyfree. WHY DID YOUR AGENT GIVE WRONG INFORMATION THAT DUTYFREE NOT POSSIBLE? If we had not asserted our right and not referred to the specific Notification, your agent would have insisted in clearance upon payment of duty. GROSS MISINFORMATION given by UPS agent, amounting to virtual cheating. Why did they take more than six days to ask for the supporting documents from us? Requires thorough investigation to avoid similar problems in future.

Nov 15, 2017

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