United Parcel Service [UPS] / overnight delivery from adp

Waxahachie, TX, United States

I have ADP as my payroll processing company to which they use you as my delivery company. In as little as two months you have screwed my employees out of their paychecks three times. The first time, a driver delivered my payroll to my neighbors house! Luckily my neighbors were honest and sent it over the next day. A little late but I appreciated their honesty. The second time they never even picked up the payroll from ADP at all! 40 companies didn't get their payroll because of your service. The third time no one even came to drop off my payroll at all. No call, no show, nothing. No one was even going to call me and let me know my payroll wasn't even coming. I waited 8 hours for my paychecks and nothing! Thank God I finally called ADP and asked what was up. Then the CSR said it would be handled in 1-8 business days. No good. So I'm just supposed to wait to pay my people while you all get your head out of your butts! I then asked to speak with a supervisor who said one would call me back in 2 hours! Really? Your service is that bad and you don't even have a supervisor there? I will never ever use UPS again. I have already posted something to Facebook. I'll be reviewing your service to Google, the BBB, and anyone else who will take my complaint. Your company sucks!

Jun 09, 2017

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