United Parcel Service [UPS] / not care about "delivering" shipment..!!??!!

Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Contact information:


The shipment arrived in "Abu-Dhabi" since (8AM) morning,

It's Really disappointing..!,

this is NOT the first time gents..!,

give me a good reason why they NOT able to bring it to me..!?!?,

been so so important to get the shipment, that's why i called them twice today,

they NOT care about customer, i lost a confident with our people here,

due the foolish CARELESS of Employees in UPS here..!!,

that's Really reflects to the company reputation & the honest persons who manage the UPS facilities here..?!?, ,

this Email should to go to "UPS/U.S.A", they have to know to what's going on here..?!?!?!?


Jun 22, 2017

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