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On 2/2/17 Pharmacy advised overnight delivery of medication. I waited ALL day 2/3/17 for UPS. At aprox 1PM I found "Sorry we missed you" infonotice #[protected] on front door. While I WAS at home sitting 15ft from said door (new house; bell works); driver FAILED to knock and or ring bell. No I was not in restroom; but sitting on couch ALL DAY WAITING! Called customer service and girl could care less. Call taker suggested I "Meet driver somewhere along her route". I no longer drive and it is the responsibility of UPS to fulfill their contract and effect this delivery. Had the driver used due diligence and MINIMAL effort (doing nothing more than expected with a knock and or a ring) we would not be having this conversation today. Now, thanks to United Parcel Service, I must go without my needed medication until 2/6/17 when we begin this dance all over again. Resolution? There is none, according to UPS; but to wait until Monday. UPS gets a fail on this one!

Feb 4, 2017
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      11th of Feb, 2017

    Do you really think the driver snuck up on your porch, took the time to fill out the info notice, and then hurried back to the truck laughing about how they screwed you out of your meds for the weekend? Get real! The last thing they EVER want to do is return to a delivery twice. They want those packages delivered the 1st time, every time. WHY WOULD THEY EVEN LEAVE A NOTICE FOR YOU IF THERE WAS ANY NEFARIOUS INTENTION ON THEIR PART? Plain and simple - YOU missed them. YOU didn't hear their knock/ring. YOU screwed up NOT THE DRIVER.

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