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I purchased and item from overseas which was then sent promptly to UPS I provide a business address for UPS to deliver to. I was unaware that I had to actually pay a fee for them to deliver. They tried to deliver this at 8.00 to a business address which naturally I wasn't there to pay this fee as business hours are usually 9-5. I chalked this up to misfortune. I then called UPS and them that I would pay them cash on delivery and told them to deliver at 10.00 the next day which they said they would do and I received an email confirming this They didn't deliver at 10.00 on 21st September and I called them a few times and they insisted it was a guaranteed delivery and would arrived by 5.30pm, when this didn't happen, I called them again, and again they guaranteed that it would be delivered by 7.00. I wasted an hour an a half for this and they did not arrived. Again this did not happen and they did not arrive or deliver at all on that day and I called them upset explaining this, they apologized and I informed them to deliver at 10.00 in the morning. They again delivered at 8.00 while I wasn't there to pay them in person as I informed them that I would do about 5 times so I still haven't received my package. I've tried to lodge a complaint as they are not following the simplest instructions, yet, each time I've been told that I would be contacted regarding this, and I haven't be contacted at all. Finally I believe one customer services agent actually listened to me when explain how the simplest instructions could be follow and called the driver and found out that as he's in the area at that time, he's just going there at that time even though he knows it's a business and there is no one there to pay him the fee. The agent asked him to redeliver to my address again as it clearly states deliver at 10.00 and not before I the agent told me he just said no. The agent would like to lodge a complaint as I explained that if I didn't do my job properly in the first place, and if I asked to do it again and just said no, I'd probably get fired. Please let me know what can be done the company does seem like it can actually reprimand somebody for not doing there job correctly and are not to sure if they can recompense me for them wasting my time. I still do not have my package and it's been four days now.

Thank you.

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Sep 22, 2017

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