United Parcel Service of America [UPS]service

Received a product from the US that was built in the US. The product was defective and the company who produced it contacted UPS to pick it up so that it could be returned and replaced under warranty. The parcel was picked up the next day and it then went to a warehouse and back to where it started and back to the same warehouse where it was help for a missing document. Nobody from UPS contacted me. If I had not checked online I would not have known there was a problem. When I did call UPS I had to wait 45 minutes on the phone to speak to someone who spoke enough English to understand my inquiry. Another phone call and several emails to UPS and I am still waiting for a reply 4 days after the ship date to see if the document was sufficient for them to release it from a local warehouse. A call from UPS to ask for my email address so they could send me a document to fill out was again very frustrating as the women could not speak English and obviously could not even transcribe my email address correctly as I never did get the form. I found one online and filled it out and sent it but still waiting for a reply. What an incompetent company. Why hire people for customer service positions who cannot speak enough English to be able answer even basic questions.

Dec 04, 2018

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