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I had place an order for over night shipping early around 11:00am on 10/11/18. I paid for the over night shipping as well. Then the next day UPS give me an update that my address isn't correct and they can not locate it. Funny, how they had delivered at my address before and their drivers are always speeding on my street. I called them at 12:00 pm right after they gave me the update at 11:50am. The customer service rep said she will contact the store and have them come back out and deliver and she would call me back. Well I had to call them again and complain. It is terrible service that I have to run around and track my own shipping item to ensure I get it on time. A service that they are offering to give with an additional fee. Maybe it is time to use USPS again, at least they do deliver and don't give you an excuse that they can not find your address when your address will come up on google map. Customer service has really declined for companies. They are willing to take your money but can not deliver on their own obligation The sad part is, they person on the phone is making excuses, I do not need to hear the multiple excuses they come up with, just deliver as promised or don't offer that service. My issue is still unresolved.

Oct 12, 2018
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      Oct 18, 2018

    This happened to me before. And they want to get rid of the USPS? They better not! I agree with you, at least the USPS delivers and communicates how it was delivered, what time, where you can pick it up and if they lost it or damaged it they will reimburse you.

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